You Can Now Spend the Night In the Grinch’s Cave for Less Than $20


Looking for a holiday getaway? How about a stay in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ cave? Sure, he’s not the most friendly on screen, but the Grinch himself is opening up his creepy lair for several lucky fans to stay. The best part: It costs just $19.57 a night!

The cave is located in Boulder, Utah, and features 5,700 square feet of Grinch-y goodness. “You can play his organ, drink from his coffee maker, read his books, and dream about all the ways you too could steal Christmas,” the Vacasa listing states.

There’s a main bedroom, a guest room and two bathrooms, plus an additional study and music room. The save also comes equipped with a full kitchen that the listing says “the Grinch has stocked with a few of his favorites, including roast beast, Who-pudding, and an emergency stash of Who-hash.”

Don’t worry—when you’re staying in his cave, the Grinch will be nowhere to be found. He’ll be “spending the holidays far, far away from any Christmas cheer,” the listing assures, also touting that it’ll be perfectly nice and clean when you get there.

Bookings begin on December 13 and are only available for limited stays from through December 23, so if you’re interested, be sure to make moves ASAP! You can book through the listing here.

There are some caveats to take note of. “It takes an adventurous soul to live like the Grinch, so keep these tips in mind before you book,” the listing explains.

First, understand that due to the remote location, you’ll need to provide food and drinks for yourself for the whole stay. Additionally, “since the Grinch loves his alone time, he’s picked a cave that’s a little hard to get to,” the listing states, so they recommend a car with four-wheel drive. Additionally, you won’t be able to Instagram pictures of your cave visit right away—there’s no internet, and no cable either. “You’ll surely find plenty to do in the Grinch’s music room and library,” the listing encourages.

So what does the cave actually look like? It’s SO festive and perfectly accurate to the movie. It even has a “Danger!” and a “Leave now!” sign out in front, plus a “Enjoy your stay—or don’t” sign inside.

Check out the photos of the cave here, and get your request to stay in today.

Are you a fan of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas? Would you ever want to stay in a cave like this, or, if you have kids, do you think they’d enjoy the magic?