Spanx CEO Gifts Employees Trip To Anywhere In The World and $10,000


There are great bosses, and then there are really great bosses. Sometimes when bosses and CEOs secure a profitable deal that is sure to make them even richer than they already are they bank the money for themselves. They buy more houses, cars or rocket trips to outer space. Then there are those bosses who think of their employees and give back to them in an unexpectedly amazing way.

Sara Blakely is the CEO of a little company you may have heard of. It’s called Spanx, and if you’re a woman, chances are you own something she makes and might even be wearing it right now. These undergarments can be true life savers when it comes to self confidence and fashion.

Blakely recently secured a billion dollar deal, and she decided to reward her employees for their hard work in an incredible way. She decided to give each of them not one but two first class plane tickets to anywhere in the world.

Especially after being home so much due to the pandemic, a free trip with a plus one to anywhere in the world sounds amazing, but what about paying for everything when you get there? Blakely thought of that too. She also gave each employee a check for $10,000 so they could treat themselves to a nice hotel, spa treatments, adventures at their destination or whatever else they want to spend it on.

Watch the video below to learn more about Blakely’s amazing gift to her employees and to see a video of her employees finding out about this gift. It’s so heartwarming.

Have you ever gotten an amazing gift from a boss? If so, what was it? Where would you go if you were given two free tickets to anywhere in the world? What would you spend the $10,000 on?