Spa Provides Free Childcare and Napping for Tired Parents

Are you a parent? Do you remember what your life was like before you were a parent?

It was easier, right? You could do simple things like take a nap or a relaxing bath. Now, it’s almost impossible to even go to the bathroom by yourself. We feel you.

So does a revolutionary spa in Los Angeles called Spa Lé La. While this spa offers traditional spa services like facials and massages, it was created for the very specific needs of parents.

Spa Lé La is the brainchild of Trina Renea. After she had her first child, she longed for the days of simple, guilt-free pleasures like a soak in the tub or a little bit of peace and quiet. Her longing became a “what if” that became Spa Lé La.

The first thing that makes this spa so very, very different is that they offer complimentary child care. Yes, that’s right – free child care. The first child is completely free, and additional children are only $6 each.

Parents don’t have to find a babysitter or wait until your hubby or a friend is available to watch the kiddos. They can bring the kids along.

We understand mom guilt. You might feel bad putting the kids in childcare so that you can have some quality me-time. Don’t.

The childcare workers are all Trustline certified and CPR trained and certified. That means parents who visit this spa can actually relax knowing that their children are being well taken care of.

Not only that, but the childcare room has a regular schedule of classes that are included for the children. Kiddos can enjoy classes like music and yoga while mom (or dad) enjoys a massage, hair removal service, facial or one of the “retreat” services.

Retreat services here are everything. Even if you think you’re not a “spa” person, if you’re a parent, these retreat services will make you drool.

One retreat service is a nap room. They offer a warm bed with luxury linens for sleep deprived parents who desperately need a little shut-eye.

Another retreat service is a private bath. They even include relaxing music and candles. The experience can be customized with epsom salts, bubbles, essential oils, and even a glass of wine to enjoy while you soak.

If parents just need some quiet time to read their favorite book, there’s even a quiet pod. Like the name suggests, it’s a quiet room where parents can use the free wi-fi to read, work, or catch up on social media. There are noise cancelling headphones available, and there’s a complimentary beverage.

Because it can be a real hassle getting kids in and out of the car, Spa Lé La wants their guests to maximize their experience. Every appointment includes an extra kid-free half-hour where guests can relax, enjoy a beverage and chat with others in the lobby.

If you’re local to Los Angeles, and if you’re a parent, you deserve this. If not, no worries. The spa plans to franchise so that parents in other cities can enjoy naps, baths, facials and quiet pods.

What’s something that you miss the most about your kid-free days? What service would you book at Spa Lé La?