Sophia Grace & Rosie Reunite On ‘Ellen’ For One Final Time

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If you remember Sophia Grace and Rosie (aka Nikki Minaj’s biggest fans) from the Ellen Show over a decade ago, you’re going to want to keep reading.

The British cousins, Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland, first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about 11 years ago—October 2011—at just 8 and 5 years old, respectfully. The two had recreated Minaj’s “Super Bass,” which went viral because of how adorable (and talented!) the two were, and they soon went on to become sensational TV personalities.

Over the years, the duo continued to make appearances on Ellen’s show, and now, they’ve just reunited with Ellen once again for the final time—right ahead of her series finale. Her show is set to finish out in late May.

The two came bounding onto the set, looking almost teary-eyed. “I know, it’s strange, isn’t it? It’s really weird,” Ellen DeGeneres said as they entered. “It must feel weird to walk out. … Like, I haven’t seen that [montage of your best moments] at all. I mean, you were little girls.”

During the segment, Sophia Grace, Rosie and Ellen reminisced about the moment when they became famous. “As a child, I always used to dress up, like play dress up, so did me and Rosie,” Sophia Grace said. “And then everything else happened,” she added, alluding to Rosie’s mom, Danielle McClelland, filing one of their performances (since they’d typical go singing around the house together, as little girls do).

The two also chatted about some of their favorite moments from the show’s past, including the time when Justin Bieber kissed Rosie. “Obviously, at the time, I was like ‘[Ew,] a boy is kissing me on the cheek’ and now I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I let Justin Bieber kiss me on the cheek.’”

Additionally, the cousins discussed what they’re up to these days, both of which include music. Sophia Grace has a new single out called ‘Little Things’ and Rosie is also releasing her own debut single.

Naturally, the two had to perform a rendition of “Super Bass” once more. They even had the same original props from their initial performance, aka princess-themed recorders and wands. And their outfits were so on point.

Want to see these girls all grown up? Check out the clip from the show below!

How cute are (and were) these ladies? Did you follow along when they became famous after singing Minaj’s hit? Can you believe that they’re all grown up now?