This Contestant Solved the Puzzle With Just 3 Ts

Wheel Of Fortune via YouTube

Wheel of Fortune first debuted in 1975 and is still one of those shows that people can’t help but want to watch at the end of a long day. It’s one of the longest-running game shows to air in America, and for good reason. Not only can you watch people try and solve puzzles, but you can also play along by yourself, or with family and friends, too.

Hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White are nothing short of amazing. While Sajak hosts his three contestants, leading the game each time, White turns all the letters on the board. It’s a duo unlike any other!

However, sometimes it’s really the contestants that make the show. Specifically, it’s when a puzzle solve is super impressive—e.g, the person solved the problem with very few letters on the board. Every time this happens—which is rare, but does occur—we always wonder how the contestant’s brain works. How can they possibly think of the solution when there’s just a simple E on the board, for example.

One contestant recently blew our minds when he solved a puzzle after 3 Ts appeared. The puzzle’s category was “What are you doing?” so the answer could’ve been literally anything in the world, so long as it was a motion someone was performing.

In total, the puzzle contained 21 spaces for letters and had four words attached to it. When the contestant guessed the letter “T,” three of them popped up—one in the first word and two in the last word. There was a very, very small chance anyone could guess the phrase at such an early stage in the game, but alas, there’s always one genius!

After just a few seconds, the contestant shouted out his correct answer, even stunning Sajak in the process: “That’s it!” he exclaimed with clear shock in his voice. Even after so many years on the show, it’s so uncommon for someone to solve a puzzle so early on—especially after just one letter has been announced.

To see the incredible moment, check out the video below. You’ll also see several other impressive solves—ones that not only shock us, but also the hosts as well!

How remarkable are some of these solves on Wheel of Fortune? What’s the most memorable moment you’ve ever witnessed on the show that you can remember? Have you ever guessed the puzzle with very little letters on the board?