13 People Share Things That Are Socially Acceptable That They Think Shouldn’t Be

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Life lesson: Even though something is technically considered socially acceptable, it doesn’t mean it’s okay. In fact, society has made us believe that certain things are okay because everyone does them—but when you really dive into them, you realize that they’re so, so wrong.

Take it from these people who shared their top things that are socially acceptable that they don’t think should be.

  1. Company Loyalty

    “It’s completely fine and excepted for the employee to be loyal to the company. But it’s also acceptable for the company to fire someone who’s been loyal to them for years without even giving them an explanation.”

  2. The Fact That Life Revolves Around Work

    “You work 8 hours a day, 5 times a week to do something you enjoy for a few hours per weekend.”

  3. Prying About Kids

    “Asking people when they’re going to have children. It’s such an invasive question, and one that has many potentially awkward answers.”

  4. Touching Baby Bumps

    “Touching pregnant women’s baby bumps is apparently socially acceptable… it should not be.”

  5. Or Touching a Kid

    “Touching anyone’s child “because they’re so cute!”, especially an infant. I don’t care how cute they are or how adorable or pinchable their face is; you don’t touch them unless given permission after asking. That should be the default assumption but I’ve seen one too many entitled boomer grandmas (not related to the kid ofc) think their desires are the only ones that matter.”

  6. Posting Pictures of Others on the Internet

    “I hate how comfortable people are posting pictures of others, making fun of them. It feels like there’s no privacy, any slightly embarrassing thing you do could be documented by some random a**hole.”

  7. Telling Quiet People They’re Quiet

    “Telling people ‘oh you’re so quiet’ when you are the one obviously uncomfortable with their quietness.”

  8. Calling Dad a Babysitter

    “Not only is it often rude to the father, but it is also perpetuating this idea that the mom has to be the main caretaker of kids and makes it so that dads are in the right when they are basically babysitting their own kids because mom is busy.”

  9. Criticizing Childfree Kids

    “I don’t want kids, and it’s nobody’s business but mine.”

  10. Making Kids Hug/Kiss People

    “Teach your kids that they don’t have to adjust boundaries to make other people feel more comfortable. Kids have a right to say no or not be comfortable and it doesn’t mean they’re disrespectful or misbehaving.”

  11. Using Your Phone in Public

    “Looking at your phone while on a date, or out with friends at a restaurant. It makes me feel like I’m competing with their phone for their attention. Phone wins 95% of the time.”

  12. Working On Off Days

    “Like no I will not check my emails on Saturday and no I can’t answer a few questions on Sunday.”

  13. Telling Someone to Smile

    “Thanks to this pandemic I don’t feel forced to please people anymore.”

Is there something you think is socially acceptable that shouldn’t be? Share yours!