13 People Discuss the Socially Acceptable Practices That Future Generations Will See As Backwards

Image of tweens on a computerLucélia Ribeiro via Flickr

It’s easy to accept the world around us as normal, but there are probably at least a few things that you can think of that you would change if you could. Maybe it’s something that has become socially acceptable. Maybe it’s something that seems immoral.

Perhaps when you look to the future, you hope that certain things will be different for the next generation. What you would like to change may be different from what someone else would like to change.

Reddit user doodlebytes asked, “What current, socially acceptable practice will future generations see as backwards or immoral?”

Scroll down to read 13 interesting responses from the Reddit community. You might agree with some of these suggestions, but will you agree with all of them? 

  1. Plastic

    Reddit user DarkmatterAngry wrote:

    Using something as strong and durable as plastic to make packaging destined to be thrown away.

  2. Being a Workaholic

    okbutwhytho shared:

    The insane workaholic culture we have that promotes unhealthy amounts of overtime and getting to work early every day.

  3. Sugar

    xFruitstealer added:

    Allowing children to eat so much sugar.

  4. Arranged Marriage

    Shared by nonmathew:

    In my country : ARRANGED MARRIAGES

  5. Social Media

    usernameslikm wrote:

    Social media in general it’s proven that it takes a toll on our mental health but we still use it all the time anyway

  6. We Can Probably All Agree on This One

    Manlor suggested:

    Microwaving fish at the work cafetaria.

  7. “Influencers”

    Written by Count2Zero:

    “Influencers”, or in other words, people expressing an opinion (or worse, being paid to express an opinion) with the intent to influence others.

  8. The Political Climate

    Added by Lead5alad:

    I really hope this extremely polarizing political climate is seen as backwards and immoral in the future.

  9. Car Accidents

    A_Naany_Mousse wrote:

    I think one day some future generation will think “Can you believe they used to just let people drive these multi ton metal boxes at high speeds? They just accepted car accidents and traffic as a fact of life.”I think this even now when I’m doing 80-85 mph on the highway and I look over and the driver next to me is doing the same speed while looking at their phone.

  10. Pics of Children

    Posting pictures of your children on social media

  11. Plastic Surgery

    BreatheMyStink suggested:

    My money is on the current methods of cosmetic surgery. Jamming sacks of fluid in a lady’s chest to create bigger boobs, for instance, seems like something for which there will one day be a better practice.

  12. Animals in Cages

    Traknard wrote:

    Going to a circus. Keeping a animal in a tiny cage his whole life just for a 30min show should be a crime.

  13. “Not Cleaning Up After Yourself”

    FlyBoyG shared:

    Not cleaning up after yourself: at a fast food restaurant, at the beach, at the park, at the movie theatres. …Just not cleaning up after yourself in general.