Mom Mortified When School Calls To Tell Her 3-Year-Old Snuck Pet To School In Her Sippy Cup

Lauren Scanlan

Most schools have rules about what children should and should not bring to school. A backpack, a water bottle, a lunch box, homework and other necessities are all common things for children to bring to school, but there are many other things that should be left at home. For example, unless it’s a show and tell day, usually children shouldn’t bring toys from home, and they definitely shouldn’t bring pets.

If you have kids, there has probably been at least one time when they have taken a toy to school because they wanted to show their teacher or classmates, but it is probably less likely that your children have been clever enough to hide a pet and take it to school. One 3-year-old girl named Peyton did just that.

In October, Peyton adopted a pet. She picked out a beta fish from the local pet store and decided to name the fish Mermaid. Peyton is a pretty responsible pet owner. For example, every morning before preschool, she feeds Mermaid; however, one day she did something quite sneaky.

Peyton’s mom, Lauren, left the room to get her daughter’s clothes for school. She came back within two minutes, and her daughter was near the fish bowl. Peyton told her mom, “No mommy, stay away, don’t come over here!” She suspected something was up, but then she saw fish food on the floor. She assumed that was the problem and told her daughter not to worry; she would clean it up.

Later that day, Lauren received a text from her daughter’s preschool. She definitely was not prepared for this. She decided to text her cousin to share what happened.

Here’s a picture of Peyton. She looks so innocent, doesn’t she? Yet, she knows she’s doing something sneaky.

Here’s a close-up picture of Peyton’s sippy cup. Do you see it? Yup. That’s her beta fish swimming around inside.

Here is the text Lauren shared with her cousin.


Lauren was mortified when Peyton’s teacher told her about the sippy cup incident. She said, “Please tell me something like this has happened before at the school.”

The teacher replied, “No, this is a first for our school!'”

Lauren later told BuzzFeed that when she asked Peyton why she brought Mermaid to school, her daughter told her it was because of how much she loves her fish. Lauren said, “I couldn’t even be mad at her. I opened the sippy cup lid and saw that she even put fish food in the cup! She was a good and responsible pet owner.”

Mermaid is still alive and well, and there’s no chance she will be going to school again. The fish bowl now has duct tape on the lid, and Lauren makes sure all of the pets are accounted for before the children leave for school.

Did you ever sneak something to school when you were a child? Have your children ever taken something to school that should’ve been left at home?