15 People Share the Small Things That Make Them Immediately Lose Their Tempers

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You could be the most chill person alive—there’s always that one small pet peeve that makes you want to lash out irrationally. You know it’s seemingly small among a world of chaos, but man—there’s just something about it that puts you in a complete sense of rage.

We bet you can think of your “small” thing right now. And if you can’t, here are 15 people who shared theirs among a recent Reddit thread. We couldn’t agree more with all of them!

  1. Lunch Chat

    “Someone trying to talk to me while I eat at work. Come on, just let me have this 10 minutes to myself.”

  2. Frequent Stopping

    “Hitting back to back red lights.”

  3. Grocery Store Etiquette

    “Get out of the middle of the aisle! This can’t be your first-time shopping!”

  4. Slow-Loading Websites

    “‘We had some trouble connecting to Reddit.’ BS. My browser is loading webpages with zero problem. You are the only app with a problem, Reddit Mobile.”

  5. Bumping Your Head

    “Especially when I slightly touch something with my head (for example, when I slightly tilt my head back and touch the wall behind me), it startles me, I twitch in shock and hit my head on the wall in the process. Just happened in the shower. I tilted my head back to shampoo my hair and banged my head like this by the shower wall. SOOOOO pissed.”

  6. Slow Car Cut-offs

    “When a car pulls out right in front of me and then goes 20 mph under the speed limit anyway. why?????? Just wait then.”

  7. Flies

    “I’m generally pretty chill, but as soon as a fly buzzes by my head I lose my sh*t.”

  8. Falling Food

    “When I bite into a delicious sandwich and all the insides fall out of the other end. I call this Sandwich Rage.”

  9. People With No Concept of Personal Space

    “When standing in line at a store and the person behind you is ramming into you with their shopping cart or standing waaay too close. Seriously, personal space, you pushing me won’t make the line go any faster.”

  10. Adult Tantrums

    “For example, when someone tries to return something without a receipt and the manager says they can’t accept their return, so the person starts making a scene and the manager gives in. Nothing pisses me off more than people getting away with stuff when they know they’re in the wrong.”

  11. Getting “Shushed”

    “I go from 0 to 100 in no time.”

  12. Talking Over You

    “I get that it’s a cultural thing for some people – in some families you never get heard at all unless you talk over your family members – but doing it in regular conversation is just enraging.”

  13. Loud Chewers

    “Especially if they chew with their mouth open.”

  14. Leaving the Toilet Unflushed

    “A lady in our office would leave the bathroom with the roll of toilet paper hanging down into the garbage can. We moved the garbage can and mentioned it to her many times. Now, the toilet paper goes all the way to the floor. Last time I brought it up all she replied with was, ‘You don’t have kids yet so you are going to have to learn for that to not bother you.’ Yeah I don’t have kids but just because you do, it doesn’t give you an excuse to act like a kid here at work, Betsy.”

  15. Slippery Keys

    “When I throw my keys on the table and the slide off then I try again and they slide off again and I just say fu*k it and leave them on the floor.”

What puts you in a sense of rage?