Skip the Shaving Cream – Try Soap

I buy handmade soap from It’s very moisturizing so I also use it for shaving and don’t buy shaving creams or gels any more (I’m a girl BTW).

You can also make your own soap if you are industrious. And a couple of added bonuses…I almost never nick myself shaving any more…maybe once or twice a year, AND my razors last much longer!

Also, if you are like me and have highly sensitive skin, you may find your itching and irritation disappears after you ditch all the chemicals found in store-bought soaps. One FYI about handmade soaps…you can’t leave them sitting on the shower shelf or they’ll melt away in a few days. Remove them from the shower or tub and place on a dry washcloth by your sink. That way a bar will last weeks instead of days.