Which Skinny Jeans are Perfect for Your Unique Body Type?

Skinny jeans: they are a wardrobe staple that aren’t going anywhere. For years, women have been pulling on these tight pants to both accentuate and, in some cases, contain their curves. As a bonus, their head-to-toe tautness makes it so that the pants pair well with pretty much any shoe—from the lowest ankle bootie to the highest wedge!

That said, skinny jeans can also end up looking extremely unflattering. While their virtue lies in their versatility, the tightness can make for some seriously unbecoming angles. (If you are a woman who has even the slightest hint of a belly, then you know exactly what we’re talking about!)

Luckily, everyone can rock a pair of skinny jeans, if you take just one small detail into consideration—your body type. Like any clothing item, skinny jeans come in a variety of cuts that, simply put, look better on some shapes than others. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. You have an athletic build

    If you have an athletic build, otherwise known as a rectangular shape (straight torso, few curves, muscular legs), you should focus on finding skinny jeans that offer a more rigid fit with tapered details. Stick to mid-rise varieties that sit a tad higher on the waist. Pair these skinnies with a voluminous top to accentuate your upper-body.

  2. You have a round build

    If you have a round build, otherwise known as an apple shape (top-heavy and short waist with thinner legs), consider cuts that button up comfortably below the belly button. Since you have great calves, flaunt them in a tighter-fitting style. If your midsection is a “problem area,” pair with a long, low-cut, flowy top.

  3. You have a curvy build

    If you have a curvy build, otherwise known as an hourglass shape (large bust, slim waist, and rounded hips), stretchy styles that contain spandex or Lycra are your friends Just make sure that the hemline sits right above the ankle as bottom bunching can make you appear shorter. Go for classic dark washes, like indigo blues, blacks, and grays.

  4. You have a triangular build

    If you have a triangular build, otherwise known as a pear shape (small waist with larger hips and thighs), go for styles with a heavier fabric in either a mid or high-rise waist cut. Some ladies with this fabulous shape have trouble finding varieties that flatter their small midsections, so look for a pair that features a contoured waistband to smooth out those curves.

  5. You have an inverted triangular build

    If you have an inverted triangular build (broad shoulders and larger upper body with slender hips and legs), check out skinny jeans that are very narrow in the hip area and stay tight through the ankle. Because so much of your body’s structure is apparent in your upper-half, you look great in jeans that feature cute embellishments, like buttons, bows, and rips.

Who knew skinny jeans came in so many different varieties? We hope this handy guide will help you make some fabulous fashion choices!

What’s your take on this popular clothing item? Are you a fan of skinny jeans? What style looks best on you? Do you have any advice in regards to dressing for your body type?



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