Sir Patrick Stewart Will Now Read You Shakespeare On Twitter

SirPatStew via Tiwtter

In light of the coronavirus outbreak and having to social distance ourselves from others, a lot of people are finding themselves, well, kind of bored at home. While there are lots of things worse than simply being bored, it’s still important to find ways to entertain ourselves so we don’t go stir crazy.

Luckily, we live in a modern technology-filled world where we can FaceTime with friends—and even get a glimpse into celebrities’ lives, as the pandemic is affecting them too.

Some celebrities are attempting to make others laugh. Ellen DeGeneres is literally posting conversations she’s having with other celebs about how bored she is, and it’s pretty hilarious. She’s called Chrissy Teigen, Justin Timberlake and other Hollywood stars, just to pass the time. Hey, we could all use a laugh!

Other celebrities are using this time to do their part to help. For example, Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner have set up an Instagram account called @savewithstories featuring various celebrities reading children’s books to a camera screen. It’s as if they’re sitting in front of a group of kids, but the kids get to watch it on the other end of the screen, staying safe in their home. T

The Instagram account partnered with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry so parents are able to make a donation to help Save the Children and No Kid Hungry make sure schools and community programs can ensure food for kids affected during the outbreak.

And now, Sir Patrick Stewart, a famous actor, director and producer, has also done his part to entertain for the people during this pandemic. Known for his soothing and comforting voice, you can probably guess what he did.

On his Twitter account, Stewart posted a video of himself reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. As a former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for over 15 years, he knows just how to say every word In the most comforting way.

He got so much love on his post, he decided to do a follow-up, reading Sonnet 1. And then, he did another on Sonnet 2, and Sonnet 3. He began to use the hashtag #ASonnetADay, which makes us think this is going to be a thing for a while. Keep ‘em coming, Sir Patrick, your voice is basically like meditation for our souls!

For anyone who enjoys a good Shakespearian play, they’ve gotta tune in to Stewart’s readings. Check out his Twitter account @SirPatStew for all the goods.

What have you been doing to entertain yourself with all the time at home? Which celebrities have been entertaining you the most?