Simone Biles Claps Back At Critics Who Called Her A “Quitter”

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When gymnast Simone Biles got on a plane to head to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, she had no idea what was about to happen. She probably had her eyes set on gold. After all, she won multiple gold medals during her previous Olympic competition. After 5 more years of training, you could only assume she’d be even more prepared.

Yet, Biles shocked the world by withdrawing from one gymnastics event after another. It got to the point where everyone was wondering if she would compete at all. While some thought she was a quitter, Biles explained that although she was not physically injured, it was a mental health issue that was preventing her from competing.

To be more specific, the mental health issue was something gymnasts call the “twisties.” It’s when a gymnast gets lost in the air while twisting. That means a gymnast may not land correctly and could potentially get seriously injured. Instead of risking an injury, Biles waited for the twisties to go away.

Biles did end up competing. She won bronze on the balance beam. Although it was not the gold she was hoping for, Biles claims that this particular bronze “means more than all the golds.”

Even though Biles did compete in the end, not everyone understood her mental health struggles. Apparently, some people have still been calling her a quitter. Biles recently clapped back through a post on Instagram.

Biles posted a picture of the two medals she won during the Tokyo Olympics, a silver medal for the team event and the bronze medal for balance beam. She also wrote a caption that explains her point-of-view about the Olympics, her medals and herself.

As far as the Olympics, Biles wrote, “Definitely not the way I planned the olympics going but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.” 

Then Biles acknowledged that the Olympics didn’t go as well as they could have, but she’s still proud of herself. She wrote, “I’m proud of myself and the career I’ve had thus far. this olympics doesn’t erase the past accomplishments I’ve achieved nor does it define who I am as an athlete.”

Finally, Biles clapped back at anyone who dares to call her a quitter. She wrote, “I’ve pushed through so much the past couple years , the word quitter is not in my vocabulary. for some of you that may be how you define me but keep talking because I can’t hear you over my 7 olympic medals which tied me for the most decorated gymnast EVER as well as most decorated american gymnast.”


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