17 Signs That It Might Be Time to Quit Your Job

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Some people wake up every day, frantically turn off their phone alarm in a mood, and begrudgingly get out of bed. It’s normal to not want to go to work sometimes, but when it’s all the time, and really affecting your overall mood every day, then it might be time to leave that job behind.

Quitting your job might be scary. You might wonder how you’ll pay your bills or how you’ll ever find another job that you actually like. But sometimes, it can be the best thing you’ll ever do.

If you’ve ever felt any of these feelings—all offered by the people of Reddit in a recent thread—then it might be time to quit.

  1. When You Have Zero Motivation

    “No motivation to do anything for anyone anymore. Absolutely no sense of urgency on things that are urgent. Thinking about literally everything else other than your work.”

  2. When it Affects Your Personal Life

    “I’ve gotten to the point I’m having nightmares about my boss and I’m snapping at people or stuff at home because I’m on edge. I’m cynical and don’t trust anyone at work.”

  3. When Stress Increases

    “When you take your work anxiety/stress home. I stay up at night thinking of the next day, almost every single night. I’m probably going to stay here for another 2 months while I save money and then drop the 2 weeks on a date that I’ve decided on.”

  4. When Your Sleep is Affected

    “I couldn’t sleep anymore, I would go to bed and wake up with my stomach burning from nervousness, and it got to a point where I couldn’t even work anymore because of how much anxiety the job gave me. I would just sit there and stare at the screen, counting down the minutes. My breaking point was sitting on my couch with my wife on a Sunday, and I just started crying, just at the simple thought of having to go in for another week to that place.”

  5. When a Hospital Stay Sounds Better

    “I was in the hospital recently with a fever of 104.5 and an antibiotic resistant infection in my leg. I was happier to be in the hospital than at my desk. I feel like that’s a pretty good indicator that it’s time to look elsewhere.”

  6. When You’re Actually Crying

    “I broke down in a hysterical cry one time over the phone while on shift. I knew I had to GTFO of that place.”

  7. When There’s No Room for Growth

    “When, during your annual review, you ask for more development and responsibilities and your boss says, “I like what you’re doing now; keep at it.” While on it face this is complimentary, this is a sign that you’re not going to be promoted and there isn’t growth for you. Had this said to me in August and I was at a new position with a different company by December.”

  8. When You Never Want to Go In

    “My worst job ever, I tended to spend more time in my car parked out front of the business than I did on my commute. That should have been a warning sign.”

  9. When All You Do is Stare at the Clock

    “When you find yourself clocking in at the last possible moment and clocking out as soon as you possibly can.”

  10. When Your Boss is a Jerk

    “When you have surgery scheduled and your boss says, “That’s really inconvenient for me, can you reschedule?” Then, because you refuse, they spitefully create a disaster so they can force you to work the day you’re finally out of the OR.”

  11. When it Makes You Literally Panic

    “Having multiple panic attacks daily. Even on days off. Going to the hospital 3 times in a year for stress related issues. Heartburn every day and night. I just got up one day after another ridiculous request and walked out. I went into debt surviving without a job that I am still paying off now but couldn’t be happier. Have a better and less stressful job now.”

  12. When it’s Daily Misery

    “I worked in a grocery shop that sold almost everything from frozen vegetables to dairy products to rice and sugar I was 15yo at the time I didn’t really need it but it was a challenge to some people who said I wouldn’t make it a day there so I just pushed through the holiday month it was a 16hr shift of hard labor (being paid only about170$/month) just handling heavy products like rice bags and whatnot added to that is the drunk midget of a boos who would come at the closing hour just to yell at us and sometimes beat a guy just cause.”

  13. When You’re Doing Other People’s Jobs

    “When you realize what you’re doing daily isn’t parallel to your job description. That means the company is putting more responsibilities on you instead of hiring the person that was meant to do them.”

  14. The Money Stinks

    “You aren’t making what you think you’re worth and can get what you’re worth elsewhere.”

  15. When Your Home Life Suffers

    “I took a 10 day trip with my brother from Arizona to Seattle and back. Just cruised the back highways camping and visiting friends along the way. As we got closer to Phoenix I got more stressed about going back to work. I knew I hated the people I worked for and I just realized that it was never going to change, that they were never going to change. It was affecting my marriage and the person I was outside of work. I walked into work Monday morning and went low enough to text the owner my 2 weeks and when she called me to try and fix it I sent her another text that clearly stated if she bothered me about staying that would be my last minute with her company. She didn’t bother me again. Only time I have ever quit a job without something else lined up. Best decision I ever made.”

  16. You Get Past Over for Promotions

    “You start getting passed over for positions you entirely deserved because someone with less know-how or experience got the position based on a relationship (family, friend, lover) with the hiring manager.”

  17. When You Know You Just Work Too Much

    “When your main focus is work and not your family. Left a well paying job of 6 years because I spent too much time working.”

How do you feel about your job?