Prince William and Prince Harry Will Reportedly Put Aside Their Differences to Sign Off On Diana Statue

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Prince William is not happy about his brother stepping away from the royal family. He is not happy about his brother moving to California. He is definitely not happy about the interview with Oprah Winfrey or the leak of their private phone call conversation.

Part of the reason that Prince William is upset about all of these things is that he disagrees with his brother. He doesn’t feel “trapped,” as Prince Harry put it, by royal life. He and his brother used to do so many things together and share so much. Now, everything has changed.

Obviously, Prince William is also upset by the things his brother said during the interview with Oprah, and he reportedly wants to address them. However, he follows the Queen’s orders, and she wants to work things out quietly.

The brothers have yet to completely work out their differences, but it seems they both want to. In the mean time, life goes on and decisions have to be made. They actually have a very important decision they need to make together. They need to sign off on a design for a statue of their mother, Princess Diana. Later this summer, the statue will be unveiled at Kensington Palace.

Although Harry and William have their differences, honoring their mother’s memory is more important to them than their current rift. They have agreed to work together. According to The Sun, their cousin Zara Tindall and her husband, Mike Tindall, are working as “peacemakers” between the brothers. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William and to hear more of William’s side of the story.

We won’t know much about the statue of Princess Diana until it is unveiled. What we do know is that the sculptor is Ian Rank-Broadley and that he has been working closely with Prince William and Prince Harry. Both brothers will need to sign off on the final design.

Do you think Prince William and Prince Harry will eventually be able to mend the rift between them? Have you ever had a falling out with a sibling? What do you think the statue of Princess Diana will look like? Does it surprise you that the brothers were able to prioritize their mother’s memory over their current disagreement?