9 Reasons to Take the Hotel Shower Cap Home

woman with luggageolly18 via DepositPhotos

Question: what’s the ONE completely free item that you leave behind each and every time you stay in a hotel? It’s not that shampoo, conditioner, or lotion. And, if you’re a high-roller, it’s definitely not those mini alcohol bottles. Can you guess what it is?

We’re waiting…

It’s your shower cap. If you stay in hotels often, you’ve probably left hundreds of these plastic wonders behind– a move that you will soon learn to regret!

You see, shower caps are surprisingly handy; in fact, they are by far one of the most versatile low-cost or no-cost items that we have ever featured.

Here are 9 reasons why you should take that hotel shower cap home with you…

  1. It doubles as an on-the-go garment protector

    There’s nothing worse than having to place your yucky, muddy, germy kicks on top of your nicely-folded clothing! Instead, grab a shower cap, stretch it out, and place your sneakers inside of it. How smart!

  2. It allows your kid to get messy at mealtime without getting TOO messy at mealtime

    Is your little one gearing up to try his first solid foods? If so, don’t let his newly-washed hair get soiled with pasta sauce in the process! Instead, stretch a shower cap over the little guy’s head and his head will stay squeaky clean.

  3. It saves your fancy shoes from perilous situations

    This photo was snapped by a realtor who didn’t want her shoes to get ruined while she was visiting a construction site. Wearing shower caps on your shoes might seems silly, but any woman will tell you that a little embarrassment is a small price to pay for saving pricey heels!

  4. It allows for mess-free makeup application

    This particular model is sporting a premium shower cap — i.e. NOT the plastic variety that you’ll find for free in your hotel bathroom! — but that doesn’t mean the cheap-os won’t work just as well!

  5. It protects your electronics in the kitchen

    The next time you rest your tablet on the kitchen counter as you follow one of our recipes, be sure to protect it from any splashes that may occur with a plastic see-through shower cap. It’s not the most high-tech accessory in the world, but it works!

  6. It allows for spray-free mixing

    Does your prized mixer have a motor on it that’s a little TOO powerful? If so, stretch a shower cap over the mixing bowl, make a small hole in the plastic, and stick the electric mixer’s whips inside. A great hack to use when your kiddos help in the kitchen!

  7. It protects your hair from unexpected showers

    Yep, this lady actually wore her shower cap while she ran this year’s rainy Boston Marathon. It’s a look!

  8. It makes for an adorable last-minute costume

    This little girl might not be aware that her mom resorted to taping some ribbons onto a shower cap for her last-minute “jellyfish” costume, but the gal looks happy nonetheless. Talk about an easy DIY!

  9. It’s a hilarious prop for your dog’s Instagram photos

    Put a shower cap on your Pomeranian and watch the “likes” roll in!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on shower caps! Do you use them to protect your hair while you bathe? If so, do you have a favorite brand? Do you know of any other shower cap hacks that you would like to share?