11 People Share the Things That Really Should Be Taught in School

There are many classes that everyone takes in grade school. We all learn how to read, write, and do basic math. We learn some science and history. We might even do a few art projects or learn to play a musical instrument. However, there are many classes that simply do not exist in most schools.

Reddit user xxpamper asked, “What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?” There are a wide variety of answers, and many of them are very good ideas, like practical life skills that everyone really does need to know. Scroll down to see 11 of our favorite answers to this interesting question.

  1. First Aid

    Reddit user -eDgAR- wrote:

    First Aid. I think it is really important to have some basic first aid skills because they could help save your life or the life of someone else.

  2. Logic

    Written by Reddit user helpful_hank:

    Logic. And I don’t mean a vague notion of “critical thinking” — I mean the formal structure of basic conditional logic. “If this, then that. This. Therefore, that.” And all the permutations. Basic logic is about as difficult as basic algebra. The few weeks it took me to learn it have served me the rest of my life.

  3. The Law

    Reddit user Kaninchen25 added:

    The law. Too many people don’t truly understand their rights and what they entail or even how the legal system functions at a basic level.

  4. Conversation

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    My grandad was a teacher and he subbed for a few weeks in one of the roughest areas in Ireland. The kids were 10-12 years old. He taught them life skills like how to set the table, how to hold a knife and fork, how to clean floors and other skills you need in day to day life. One of the most important ones he taught them was how to hold a conversation. A teacher who knew him said at his funeral that some of the class were crying when he left and they all were asking when his was coming back. These should all be taught by parents but where these kids come from there’s not huge hope of that happening.

  5. Critical Thinking

    Added by Reddit user Caoranach:

    Critical thinking. If people actually learned how to think things through, our education system wouldn’t need to be nearly as extensive as it is.

  6. Making a Resume

    Written by JSmoothie:

    How to make a resume definitely. I’ve had 4 or 5 adults (between ages 40-55) ask me to help them after they saw mine.

  7. How to Learn

    Reddit user reincarN8ed wrote:

    We need to start teaching children how to learn, instead of bombarding them with a list of facts to memorize and regurgitate at the end of the week, only to be forgotten forever. When I started typing this sentence, I didn’t know the 15th Prime Minister of Canada was Pierre Trudeau, and now I do.This is the age of information. It’s time we acted like it.

  8. Mental Health Awareness

    Chris12839 wrote:

    Mental health awareness. This would of seriously helped me out in school more then anything else they taught me.

  9. Consent and Abuse

    Another Reddit user shared:

    Consent and abuse, 100%. Too many people don’t know they are being abused, too many people don’t know they are being abusive.

  10. Adulting

    From BraveLilToaster42:

    Basic Adulting. How retirement works, rental agreements, fundamentals of owning a car, creating a budget.

  11. Gun Safety

    Suggested by Reddit user Psycha:

    Gun safety. From a young age it is vital that people know how to safely unload a firearm.