If You Have Short Hair, You Need To Try These 10 Easy Hairstyles!

Short hair is an adorable, fun choice that anyone can make. It’s perfect for fall and winter, especially, and it’s a super trendy way to wear your hair this year! But, for all the positives of short hair, there are some downsides, too. Namely, pulling your hair back and styling it up. Usually there’s not enough hair to pull back, which means you’re stuck with the same two hairstyles over and over: down or a stumpy little ponytail with half your hair hanging on your neck. And as cute as those looks might be, sometimes you want a little variety!

Luckily, beauty blogger Milabu is here to show us (on her own lovely, short hair) how you can style your short hair in ten fun, new ways! All you need to pull off each and every look is a bandanna. Using this playful accessory, you can bring some spice to your blah hairstyles and get the shortest bob up off your face and neck.

Note: If you don’t have a bandanna, you can use whatever ribbon or headband you have on hand for these looks.

1 . Low Messy Ponytail (With a Twist)

Start this fun hairstyle by parting your hair right down the middle. At the front of one side of your head, begin twisting small sections of your hair until 3/4 of your hair on one side is twisted. Tie off with a clear elastic and pin the twist to your head. Repeat on the other side.

Once both sides of the head are twisted, gather your remaining hair and pull it (and the twists) into a low pony.

Add your bandanna by putting the fabric about an inch away from your hairline, pulling the ends around your pony and tying it into a knot.

2. Low Messy Bun/Donut

Put your hair in a low ponytail and tie it off with a clear elastic to start. To turn your hair into a donut (which is a kind of bun, basically) you just need to flatten the ends of your pony against your head. Use another elastic to create your donut around your original pony and pin the ends of your pony around the bun.

Your bandanna will start around the back of your neck and wrap up over your ears. Then tie the bandanna down on top of your head and use the extra fabric to make an adorable bow!

3. High Messy Bun/Donut

For those lazy days, there’s this messy yet polished high bun. Start by flipping your short hair over and pulling it into a high pony. Twist the pony to get the hair as condensed as possible and turn it into a bun with a clear elastic once the entire pony is twisted. Tug at the tight bun to spread it apart and use pins to get your desired look.

The bottom layer of your hair is going to fall out of this high hairstyle. Pin it up for starters, but we’ll hide it with your bandanna by using the same technique as you did in style #2 above. This time, make the bandanna a bit wider, but still wrap it around the back and tie it on top of your head. Rather than a bow, tuck the ends of the fabric under the bandanna to hide them this time.

4. Super Messy Bun

This is not a polished donut, but actually a super quick, low bun. Put your fingers about two inches from you hairline and gather the hair from there down, pulling it back into a messy bun/pony. You want chunks of hair to be sticking out by your face!

Tie your bandanna from the back and tie it on top of your head in a bow. To finish, take the front pieces of your chunks of hair and pin them behind your ears. It’s that simple.

5. Simple French Twist

Bet you didn’t think short hair could do a French twist, right? Twist your hair back into a pony. Twirl the pony toward your head so it’s on the back of your hair and pin it loosely into place – you want it messy!

Tie your bandanna from behind, tie it on top, and tuck the extra fabric underneath.

6. Retro French Twist

This is a romantic take on the messy French twist above! Section off a chunk of hair to hang in front, basically your bang-area (she suggests that your hair is curled for this look, but you can do it with straight hair as well.) Pull your hair into a low pony and twist it up toward your head, pinning your French twist into place.

Tie your bandanna from the back and make a bow on top for a sweet, vintage look.

7. Full Roll/Twist

For this look, you’ll start by tying your bandanna from the back into a bow on top of your head. Then, start taking pieces of your hair all the way around and tucking them into your bandanna for a fully rolled look. Make sure the strands are completely tucked in!

8. Half Roll/Twist

If you don’t like the full roll, place your bandanna the same way (tied up top) and only tuck half your hair into your bandanna. You want your under layer of hair to stay down, and even feel free to pull some pieces out for a messy look.

9. Wavy Pompadour

For a look that is a little more polished and put-together, try this wavy pompadour. Pin your bangs into a full pompadour at the front of your head, pinning it into place. Use the bandanna to hide the pins by placing it around the top of your head and tying it under your hair.

Make sure the back is covering the fabric and that some pieces are hanging down by your face for a casual yet polished vibe.

10. Halo/Crown

This might be the easiest look of all! Make sure bandanna is really thin for this one. Place the bandanna two inches away from your hairline and pull it down over your ears, tying it off in the back. What a simple, chic, and seemingly effortless way to style your short hair.


What do you think of these 10 bandanna hairstyles? Do you use a bandanna to style your short hair in a different way? Share your favorite looks in the comments section below.