I’ve Been Tying My Shoes Wrong! – Shoelace Video Goes Viral

Back when I was a teenager, many us made sure our shoelace game was on point. Us girls could get away with some of the cutesy stuff but that didn’t stop the guys from stepping things up.

Obviously, things haven’t changed much, because this viral Twitter video has everyone staring at their sneakers trying to choose a new lace-up style. Do not let the background music deter you from watching, and yes, you too may feel like your shoelace game has been lacking.

Posted by Twitter user Kitt Bob, the clip features roughly 12 shoelace-tying styles and has garnered over 10 million views. Even if you have no interest or use for shoelaces, it is still mesmerizing to watch. In fact, interest is so high that others in the thread have posted slow-motion versions of the video to make it easier to digest.

Choose your method, friends. If you’re looking for something creative – with or without a bow – we suggest you take notes. While number 10 is my personal favorite, 3 is a classic. And for all you St. Patrick’s Day lovers, there’s a special 4-leaf treat in there too. You will want to tie your shoes!

Those of you who are tempted to try these on your own sneakers, your dad’s, or your granny’s, we want to see the “after” photos – especially if you mess up. But for now, enjoy the hypnotic, colorful show.

Which one of these is your favorite? Are you inspired to test one of these styles out? Whose sneakers will you practice on?