She Braids Her Hair Under Her Chin, Then Flips It Over Her Head For A Stunning Look

We’re always looking for new ways to mix up our humdrum hairstyles, and braids are a go-to way for a little variety without going too crazy. But, after a while, even your classic braids start to feel a little repetitive. What can be done? Throwing some funky styles into the mix!

This braid seems a little strange when you first see what it is, or even when you first heard the name. It’s an under-the-chin braid, and yes, it is exactly how it sounds — a braid under your chin.

And, yes, it looks as weird as it sounds. At least, it does at first!

This is actually called a “flip the braid” hairstyle because, thankfully, you don’t leave the braid underneath your chin. (Although if you wanted to, we would totally support you.) You’re actually just setting up your hair for an extremely unique-looking hairstyle, one that you wouldn’t be unable to achieve with pretty much any other technique.

All you need is a hair tie to get started on this incredibly cool style, and we highly suggest a clear hairband so nothing distracts from your amazing reverse braid. A mirror would also probably be a helpful tool so you can make sure that the braid is coming out the way you want; you don’t want any loose pieces ruining the look. We would even suggest using a little smoothing cream just to prep your locks before they’re braided.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get this gorgeous look.

Under-the-Chin Braid


  1. Start with a regular braid under your chin. You can opt to do a fishtail or a French braid, as long as it has some room to take on the rest of your hair.
  1. Gradually start adding pieces to the braid, until your entire head of hair is braided under your chin.
  1. Secure the braid under your chin with a hair tie.
  2. Flip the braid over your head so that it’s inside out on the back of your head. Feel free to spritz with hairspray to secure your look.

The end result of this strange looking braid? A beautiful waterfall effect that flows down the back of your head, anchored by the braid you made underneath your chin. We love how the end of the braid is still present, just sticking out of the fuller hairstyle. Such a cool look.

This is an extremely unique hairstyle that can be made in just minutes, but looks like it was professionally done! You can also rock this inside out braid for many different occasions.

For instance, this would be a very elegant and one-of-a-kind hairstyle to wear to a wedding or semi-formal event. You could also throw this together for a party or just for a day running errands! This is a very versatile and beautiful hairstyle that works for so many different events.

What do you think about this cool hairstyle? Will you try this under-the-chin braid to get this beautiful, unique look? Share your thoughts on this funky backwards braid and any unusual braid styles that you love in the comments section below.