Sharon Osbourne Shares Photo from Bed After Getting COVID-19 For the 2nd Time

Sharon Osbourne had only finished filming three days of the talk show The Talk UK when she got some bad news. Her husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, had been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Ozzy had survived 2 years of the pandemic without catching Covid, and Sharon was concerned about his health. Even though she could hardly believe how bad the timing was since she had just started working on The Talk UK, she decided to fly home to be with Ozzy and help him recover.

In an interview that was filmed shortly after Sharon learned of Ozzy’s diagnosis, Sharon said, “My family’s my life.” She shared the emotional interview on Instagram.

During the interview she felt confident that Ozzy would recover quickly. She said, “It will take me a week to get my old man back on his feet again, and I will be back in a week.”

What Sharon didn’t count on was catching Covid herself. She previously caught Covid back in 2020, but that didn’t prevent her from getting it again. She and her daughter Kelly Osbourne have both been diagnosed with Covid.

Sharon broke the news of her Covid diagnosis on The Talk UK. She joined the show remotely and shared that Ozzy “is doing much better.” He is no longer coughing, and he no longer has a fever.

That’s great news, but that doesn’t mean that Sharon will be returning to The Talk UK as quickly as she had hoped. She explained, “I’ve got some news to share also is that my daughter Kelly now has it and I have it, and the entire household has it.”

At the time of the taping, Sharon said, “I feel okay actually. I’m okay.” That was just one day ago. It seems that she’s feeling not quite as okay today.

Earlier today, Sharon posted a picture of herself on Instagram. In the picture, she is sitting in bed while she’s hooked up to an IV. Three of her dogs are on the bed with her. She holds up a peace sign with her right hand. Sharon captioned the photo “Covid.”


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Do you think Ozzy will nurse Sharon back to health now that she’s the one who is sick? Do you know anyone who has had Covid more than once? Do you think Sharon will recover from her second bout of Covid quickly?