Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About On-Air Confrontation on ‘The Talk’ During a Conversation About Piers Morgan

Entertainment Tonight

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat down to talk to Oprah Winfrey, we can only assume that they didn’t expect such a domino effect of people not at all connected to the royal family becoming the center of attention.

First, Piers Morgan spoke out on “Good Morning Britain” stating that he doesn’t believe anything Meghan has to say. The following day, when one of his co-hosts criticized him on-air for saying he doesn’t believe Meghan, Piers got up and walked off the show. He is officially not going back.

That’s not the end of it. Sharon Osbourne is friends with Piers, and while she doesn’t necessarily agree with his comments about Meghan, she does believe that he should be allowed freedom of speech. She also believes that Piers is not racist. Now, Sharon feels that she was set up by the producers of the show “The Talk” to appear racist on national television.

If you watch “The Talk,” you probably saw Sharon tell Sheryl Underwood not to cry. That comment is being held against her. On the show, Sharon felt that she was being called racist simply because she was defending her friend’s freedom of speech.

The show “The Talk” is currently on hiatus and under investigation. Sharon isn’t sure if she wants to return to the show or not. She is adamant that she is not racist, but several other former co-hosts claim that she made racist comments in the past. Watch the video below for the latest on this controversy and to hear Sharon explain her side of the story.

There are mixed reactions to Sharon’s side of the story. Some people find it enlightening that it’s really the executives who are scripting the show. One comment reads, “It shows how people behind the scenes are actually running everything.”

Other viewers feel that Sharon was not set up and that there was nothing wrong with the questions she was asked. One viewer wrote, “There was nothing wrong with Sheryl’s question. It was in fact so courteous and well phrased, even very gentle in the way it was delivered. All that Sharon needed was to answer it in the best way she could.”

Do you think Sharon was set up on “The Talk”? Do you think Piers is racist? Do you think Sharon is racist? Do you think Sharon will return to the show “The Talk”?