Say Goodbye To Misshapen Brows! Here’s How To Shape Them The Right Way

One of the trickiest but most important beauty techniques is perfectly shaping your eyebrows. If you don’t have the experience, things can get disastrous pretty fast. Your best bet is to go see a professional and get him or her to remedy your, uh, situation. If you don’t have the time or money to go see a specialist, however, there is a little trick to become a brow pro yourself! Watch the video tutorial below and learn how to shape your eyebrows correctly all on your own.

What we love about this tutorial is the emphasis she puts on different eyebrow shapes for different face shapes! One eyebrow shape is not going to flatter everyone’s face shape and structure. So, before you even get started, it’s important to use her little trick to determine your most flattering eyebrow shape:

STEP 1: Take a white eye pencil. First, line up the pencil with the outside of your nostril going straight up – that is where your eyebrow should start. Mark that with a line.
STEP 2: Make an angle with the pencil from the corner of the nostril going across the outside of the iris to determine where your arch should be. Mark that with a line above and below the brow.
STEP 3: Make an angle with the pencil from the outer nostril to the corner of your eye to mark where your eyebrow will end.

You’ll now continue on and determine where you’ll be plucking using a brown pencil:

STEP 4: Using said brown pencil, trace the bottom line of the eyebrow, following the shape of the white lines.
STEP 5: If this is your first time tweezing, numb your lid with an ice cube. Then pluck everything below the brown line. DO NOT PLUCK ABOVE THE BROWN LINE.

To deal with the hairs above the eyebrow, you’ll need a small, straight-edge razor. You can find these on Amazon and they’re very helpful for all sorts of beauty conundrums.

STEP 6: Moisturize the area above the eyebrow for easy shaving.
STEP 7: Taking your small razor, shave down, JUST shaving the light hairs above the eyebrow, not the actual eyebrow. Make sure to shave with the hairs and shave gently!

Now finish off with a few final touches!

STEP 8: Use a brush to comb your brows, wipe off the marks, and trim if necessary.
STEP 9: With short strokes, fill in the brows with an eye pencil that matches your color best, brown usually works universally.
STEP 10: Use a small brush to feather out the brows for a thicker, youthful look.

What a great, easy-to-follow tutorial! Do you use a different technique when shaping your brows at home? Share it in the comments section below.