Shania Twain Tour Involved In Bus Accident

Jean_Nelson via Deposit Photos

Country singer Shania Twain is in the middle of her Queen of Me tour. On Wednesday, her crew was traveling from a tour stop in Winnipeg, Canada, to the next tour stop in Saskatoon. Now, it’s unclear if Twain can perform as originally planned in Saskatoon.

According to a statement released by Maverick Management to the New York Post, Twain’s crew was involved in a tragic accident. The statement explains, “One crew bus and one truck from the ‘Shania Twain – Queen Of Me’ tour were involved in a highway accident driving between Winnipeg and Saskatoon, Canada.”

The statement continues by explaining what caused the accident, “Multiple vehicles encountered dangerous driving conditions due to inclement weather.”

It doesn’t sound like the crash was fatal, but it was serious enough that multiple members of Twain’s crew were taken to the hospital. The statement explains, “Members of the production crew who require medical attention have been taken to nearby hospitals.”

It is unclear how seriously the crew members were injured and how long it will take for them to recover. Twain is scheduled to perform in Saskatoon on Thursday November 9th, one day after the crash occurred. Twain was not on the tour bus when the crash occurred.

The statement did not mention how or if the crash will impact the tour date in Saskatoon. Instead, the statement asked “for patience as we look after our touring family.”

In the statement, the management company also thanked the local emergency responders. The statement reads, “We are incredibly thankful to the emergency services teams for their quick response and ongoing support.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this serious and unfortunate crash as well as to see photos of what the crash looked like.