25 Million Confined To Their Homes in Shanghai Due to New Covid-19 Lockdown

Good Morning America

Covid-19 has been with us for over 2 years now. While lockdowns were a way of life 2 years ago, we have moved on, and life in much of the world is looking a little bit closer to normal.

Sure, people still get Covid, but now, if you get Covid, you simply isolate in your home. Not so in China. In China, if you test positive for Covid, you are not allowed to isolate in your home. Even if you have mild symptoms, you are required to go to a Covid isolation center. In addition, if a child tests positive for Covid but the parents test negative, the child is separated from the parents and taken to a Covid isolation center for children.

You might assume that if you test negative for Covid in China you could go about your normal life. Not so. There is currently a very strict lockdown in place in Shanghai, China. While anyone who is Covid-positive has to go to an isolation center, anyone who tests negative is confined to their homes. They are not even allowed to leave to buy groceries.

The lockdown is due to the spread of the omicron variant of Covid-19 which has invected, at a record-setting level, 20,000 people in just one day.

Don’t compare lockdowns in China to lockdowns in the United States. They’re not the same. In the U.S., many businesses closed and residents were encouraged to stay home, but going grocery shopping or visiting a pharmacy to fill a prescription was perfectly fine. In Shanghai, residents can’t leave their homes even to buy essential items like food, and many are running out of food and supplies.

Watch the video below to hear more about the extreme measures China is enforcing to combat Covid-19.

Do you think China has gone too far with their lockdown measures? How would you react if you were separated from your children because they tested positive for Covid but you didn’t?