Shabby Chic Container Home You Have to See

You may expect a home made of shipping containers from an industrial designer, but this Kansas City homeowner who helped design toys for Mattel – including Barbie Dolls – went well beyond any expectations. Using five shipping containers for a house that measures at a little more than 2,000 square feet, the shabby chic features blend with an efficiently designed layout to create what amounts to a dream dwelling.

Debbie Glassberg’s shipping container palace is a two-bedroom, three bathroom set-up with a garden, porch and rooftop patio (with another garden). And unlike other shipping container homes that are also impressive on the inside, but quite visibly a shipping container, this one does a better job of looking like a “normal” home that blends into a neighborhood.

Some shipping container homes include only one actual container as a means of scaling back amid the “tiny living” movement and one man even used it as the ultimate mobile home. Glassberg’s more spacious digs makes use of all spaces in a different way.

The efficient design is not limited to the space, it’s also about saving energy. The planet-friendly home uses features like geothermal heating and plant foam insulation to lessen the carbon footprint. Plenty of strategically placed windows reduce the need for artificial lighting. Oh, and did we mention she has two gardens to grow some of her own food?

Moving inside the home, you would never know it was a shipping container, save for a couple of walls that retain the shipping container material. Aqua-colored walls frame the open floor plan featured in the central part of the house with style abound.

The dining room features floor-to-ceiling windows with modern furniture pieces that don’t take up any more space than they have to while proving functional. The dining table seats eight and shares the heart of the house with the living room.

Glassberg’s living room, decorated in shades of gold, aqua, and brown, is described as a tranquil place to unwind at the end of the day. It’s another bright room with a retro feel that is not your uncle’s old living room. Mirrors help make the space larger and a two-toned small table understatedly ties in the colors.

When you think of a galley kitchen, it probably doesn’t look like this. Of course, it has energy-efficient appliances, including two ovens, a microwave, refrigerator, and double sink. White is everywhere, from cabinets to countertops to fridge and wall color. An opening serves as a bar for serving guests OUTSIDE makes the galley less like a galley. With the kitchen located at the corner of the home, they also are able to have windows on two walls- one large window above the stovetop and another smaller window above the sink that lets in plenty of light.

The master bed shows off a king size bed, light hardwood floors, and a shabby trunk as a functional accent piece.

An impressive walk-in closet with built-in space-age shelving for plenty of storage, the same light hardwood floors as the master bedroom it serves also has a bathroom on the other side.

The container home’s bathroom is immersed in aqua and may make you feel like you’re underwater. There is a garden tub and a separate stand up shower with a large showerhead that looks like it would may make you feel like you’re underwater.

Comfortable seats on either side of the sink make it easy to sit down to put on shoes or take a break from makeup, and an oversized mirror lets you see everything you need to.

The TV room goes in complete opposite direction color-wise with all pinks and reds. The decorations are at once funky and gypsy, but with Japanese artwork on the wall that somehow fits together seamlessly.

Glassberg’s residence has the container home version of a farmer’s porch. The covered area is adjacent to the garden that “offers edibles as well as ambiance.”

Finishing off the outdoor space is a rooftop patio that has the home’s second garden with natural goodies that will inevitably make it back to the galley kitchen and dining room.

See the video below for the full tour from Glassberg herself.