Comfort-Minded Brides are Walking Down the Aisle in These Sequined ‘Bridal Crocs’

princesspumps via etsy

While Crocs are certainly comfortable, we don’t think anyone would argue that they’re the most stylish shoes on the planet. Sure, they come in many colors, and they even come in some styles that look more like normal sandals or flats instead of, well, looking like Crocs, but still, they’re Crocs.

If you’re ever slipped on a pair of Crocs you know why people buy them anyway – they’re very comfortable. Our kids always have to have a pair and practically live in them in the summer.

There are certainly some unusual Crocs on the market, like ones with sun visors and fanny packs, but if you want to find something truly unique, you have to look at etsy.

One etsy shop owner is selling white Crocs covered in sequins, and they’re described as a “bridal favorite.” Right. Not just as a wedding guest, but the bride can actually walk down the aisle wearing a pair of Crocs.

This idea takes us a few minutes to wrap our minds around. On the one hand, it seems so wrong and so far from convention. We wore heels to our own wedding. On the other hand, just imagine how comfortable the bride’s feet would be sporting Crocs.

If you think about it some more, most guests probably wouldn’t even notice that the bride was wearing Crocs. Depending on the dress, the shoes would mainly be hidden with just a hint of white and sparkle peaking out as she walked. They might just blend in.

We tend to think if a bride wore Crocs to her wedding, she might show them off though. It definitely takes a certain personality type to decide to rock Crocs at a wedding.

Twitter users are announcing to the world that they will be wearing these sparkly Crocs at their wedding. One person wrote, “110% wearing wedding @Crocs during my reception and NO ONE can stop me sorry future husband.”

We think that if a bride wears Crocs to her own wedding, the bridesmaids should too. Luckily, the same etsy shop can make sequins-covered Crocs in a variety of colors. Surely there’s one to match the wedding colors and the bridesmaid dresses.

Just because these are casual shoes, don’t expect them to come cheap. The white wedding Crocs currently cost $99.99. Maybe that’s reasonable considering they are made to order and customizable. The etsy shop, princesspumps, has 5 out of 5 stars, so if you’re planning your wedding and want some unique comfortable wedding footwear, these Crocs made for brides might be perfect.

Would you wear Crocs to a wedding?