Mom Called A ‘Child Abuser’ For Making A Separate Meal For Her Son’s Friend


Most children tend to prefer whatever type of cuisine they ate growing up. If you were exposed to a certain type of food often, then you’d probably tend to enjoy that food. And vice versa, if you were never exposed to certain foods, you may end up pickier than others.

One mom recently shared a story on Reddit about how her son, who’s Indian, and grew up eating Indian food, invited his white friend over for dinner. According to her son, that friend was a pretty picky eater and he had asked his mom to make him something other than her typical Indian fare. Luckily, Mom keeps a stash of frozen chicken nuggets and fries in the freezer for occasions like these.

Well, Mom went ahead and made the frozen food for her son’s friend, while the rest of her family ate the normal Indian food. All was well. However, when the boy left the home, he must have told his own mom that he was fed a frozen meal while everyone else ate a homecooked dish.

“I get a text later asking why I fed her son frozen food when I cooked a fresh dinner for everyone else. I told her my son said the boy wouldn’t eat what I was making,” the Indian mom explained in a Reddit post.

However, her son’s friend’s mom didn’t like that response. “She said I should have made him something also instead of just getting freezer food,” the mom wrote. “I told her I provided free childcare without notice, and her kid chose not to eat what everyone else ate. I continued that when I was a child, my mom didn’t offer anyone alternatives to what was made, so he’s lucky I accommodated him.”

The mom’s son’s friend’s mom really didn’t like that response, and went so far as to call her a child abuser. ”She told me she wouldn’t let her son stay with a child abuser anymore,” the mom wrote in the post.

Was she deserving of being called such a name? The Reddit world thinks not.

“Child abuser? INCREDIBLE. Glad this woman showed you who she is so you can 100% avoid her forever. I feel bad for the kid however. His mom is a nut job,” one person commented.

“I guess I must be a child abuser because my kids eat out of the TJs frozen foods section at least twice a week,” another person joked.

‘That is a degree of privilege I just have never encountered,” another said.

What do you think—was this mom wrong to feed her son’s friend freezer food? What would you have done in this situation?