People Are Missing These 9 Seemingly-Abandoned Etiquette Rules

stokkete via Deposit Photos

Nowadays, we’re lucky if we can even head to a store out in public (thanks, coronavirus). But we’re even luckier if when we’re out and about that people hold the door open for us. Or open the car door for us. Or heck, even wave hello to us.

Somewhere along the way, the rules of proper etiquette have seemed to vanish. Years back, it would be considered rude to not practice these mannerisms, but these days, it’s normal.

That said, here are 13 rules of etiquette that we wish would come back into style. Let’s bring these back!

  1. Returning a phone call

    It seems relatively simple: Someone calls you, you miss it, and you call them back. But these days, if you miss a call, you probably just ignore it (or pretend you didn’t see it) and simply text the person back. It’s just easier that way, isn’t it? Next time, try calling the person back—we’re sure they’d appreciate hearing your voice!

  2. Holding the elevator

    Illustration of woman in elevatorTipHero

    You know when you get into the elevator and are just about to push the button to your floor—and you see someone running to jump in there with you? How many times do you press the button really fast to have the doors shut in that person’s face? It’s polite to hold the doors open so they can make it in—not watch them struggle.

  3. Being punctual

    Being on time means being on time—five minutes late is still five minutes late! This especially applies to timed events that can’t be pushed back.

  4. Holding the door

    One of the most polite things to do is hold the door for someone a few steps behind you. Not holding the door can be seen as basically slamming the door in their face—and unfortunately, many of us opt toward doing that over simply waiting a few seconds longer. Next time, try holding the door and seeing how grateful the person behind you is.

  5. RSVPing

    You know the drill—you finally send out all the invitations to your wedding or kid’s birthday party in the mail only to have no one RSVP. It’s not that they aren’t coming—they keep telling you how excited they are! But without RSVPing, how can you know how many mini hot dogs to order or place settings to sit?

  6. Saying “please and thank you”

    They’re basic words, but somewhere along the way, they’ve become forgotten. Simply asking politely—adding “please” in front of the question—and thanking someone for something nice they’ve done—can truly go a long way.

  7. Taking off your shoes when entering someone’s home

    Has someone ever walked in your home and asked you, “want me to take my shoes off?” It might be awkward to tell them yes, so you just shrug. Hint: Just take them off without asking! You can’t go wrong removing your shoes, but you CAN go wrong leaving them on.

  8. Apologizing in person

    Have a huge blow-out with a friend—and realize it’s your fault? A text or phone call simply won’t do. Head to meet them in person and give them a sincere, face-to-face apology.

  9. Sending a thank-you note

    Did someone send you a thoughtful gift? Send them a thoughtful note in the mail—no, a text is just not the same. Trust us: They’ll so appreciate a heartfelt letter and understand how much effort went into writing it and mailing it out.

What rules of etiquette do you think need to make a comeback?