Secret Trick to Get Babies to Fall Asleep in Less Than a Minute

One of the biggest challenges facing new parents involves getting their newborn babies to sleep. Some parents are blessed with babies who doze off and stay asleep for long enough to be able to get some shut eye themselves. But many other parents struggle with getting their babies to fall asleep.

Another Tip Hero staff member, who has a baby who has had some trouble with sleeping/falling asleep, told me that if we could find some incredible trick to get babies to fall asleep faster, we’d have found the Holy Grail of tips (at least for parents of babies). So, needless to say, I was very excited when I found this video. This dad claims to have found the mother of all techniques to get babies to fall asleep in under a minute with little fuss and very little effort.

At first, this baby looks pretty active and awake. You can see baby squirming around and being a little fussy. Then, this dad simply takes a normal tissue and starts stroking it down his baby’s face. You can see the baby start to calm down after just seconds. After a short while, the baby’s eyes start to flutter open and closed. And after just 42 second, baby is fast asleep! We wouldn’t believe that this trick worked if we didn’t see it with our own eyes, but what makes this tricks so impressive is that we can watch it work in real time.

Have any of you parents out there tried this technique before? What other advice do you have for new parents struggling with getting their children to sleep? Do you have any bedtime or nap time techniques you swear by that have worked well for you and your baby or babies? We’d love to hear your about your thoughts and experiences!