Couple Who Took 2 Years To Convert a School Bus Into a Tiny Home Give a Tour of Their Space

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The “tiny home” has been popular for quite some time now. There’s something attractive about living within your means, in a space that still holds everything you need, but in a much smaller capacity than a standard home. A tiny bus home is even more convenient for the fact that you can bring it around with you anywhere you go!

One couple, Hannah and Harry, decided that they wanted to convert a 40-foot school bus into their home about two years ago. They thought it would take about six months, but it ended up taking a full two years until they were completely done. Though it was only supposed to be a short-term project they say it was completely worth it—they absolutely love their bus home, and plan to live there for the same amount of time they spent building it!

Don’t mistake minimalist living for boring. The bus is able to fit plenty of luxuries that some people even in a standard home don’t get—a queen-sized bed and an espresso machine for delicious coffee each morning, to name just a few. They even have air conditioning!

The two have always wanted to build a tiny home on a bus, so they finally built up the courage to do it. “Life’s way too short to not go out there and do things and live our lives,” Hannah says.

They just can’t imagine living anywhere else at this point—their bus has a ton of conveniences. “The best part of living in the bus is it’s our home and it gets to come with us,” Hannah says. It even tows their car and boat along with them wherever they go. “After a long day of driving, you can go get a drink of water, you can have a shower, you can go get a cold beer out of the fridge or just go straight to bed. You can go anywhere,” she adds.

Hannah and Harry are big beach lovers, so they really take advantage of getting to see some incredible views on the water. “You can park right on the beach and you’ve got the beach right on your doorstep,” Hannah says. “We were probably thinking we’d never be able to afford million dollar views, but we’re doing it. We’ve got it nearly every time that we stop somewhere. So that’s really amazing.”

You’ve got to see this tiny bus home to believe it! Check out the video here for a full tour, and hear advice on doing a conversion yourself, if that’s what you’re into!

What do you think of Hannah and Harry’s tiny bus home? Would you ever aspire to have a tiny home on wheels like this?