High School Basketball Coach Suspended After Allowing His Team to Defeat Another Team 92-4

monkeybusiness via Deposit Photos

In my opinion, the best sporting events are the ones where the teams are fairly evenly matched and you’re really not sure who is going to win. There may be a team that’s a favorite or more likely to win, but games that are close are the most exciting.

It is never fun to be part of the losing team. We’re sure it hurts to lose when you’re one point away from winning, but it might hurt even more when the winning team almost makes your team look, well, like an unworthy opponent.

Recently, a high school girls basketball team in Connecticut won a game 92-4. The winning team, Sacred Heart Academy of Hamden, is considered one of the best high school girls basketball teams in the state. Their opponent was not.

In previous games, Sacred Heart Academy also won by quite a few points, but the score difference wasn’t so drastic. For example, they previously won with scores like 80 to 37 and 83 to 48. Sacred Heart Academy is undefeated.

At a game played Monday night against Lyman Hall-Wallingford, the Sacred Heart Academy was ahead 29 to 0 at the first quarter. By the second quarter, they led at 56 to 0. The third quarter ended with a score of 80 to 0. The game ended 92 to 4.

You could argue that it’s fair. The team played and won. Yet, the school has apologized for the way the game was played. With a strong lead, the team shot multiple 3-pointers again and again.

As a result of the team’s win, the girls’ basketball coach, Jason Kirck, has been suspended for one game, and the school has apologized for the way the game was played.

Do you think Sacred Heart should have backed off since they had such a strong lead? Do you think it was appropriate to suspend the basketball coach because his team won the game 92 to 4? Do you think it’s more enjoyable to watch a sporting event when the competition is close? Do you think it hurts more to lose a game by a lot or by just one point?