19 Scars and Birthmarks That Tattoo Artists Covered Up or Transformed Beautifully

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Sometimes people decide to get tattoos just because they want to, because the tattoo is meaningful to them or they like the way it looks. Other times, tattoos can be a little bit more life-changing.

Some people who were born with birthmarks they didn’t like have let tattoo artists transform their birthmarks into something beautiful. Other people who have scars from past injuries have also turned to talented tattoo artists to cover up the scar with a true work of art.

Scroll down to discover 19 incredible tattoos that turned scars and birthmarks into something beautiful.

  1. A Birthmark Becomes a Rock

  2. A Scar Becomes Flowers

  3. A Star Wars Inspired Scar Transformation

  4. An Elaborate Distraction from a Scar

  5. A Beautiful Scar Transformation

  6. A Birthmark Becomes Wine

  7. A Scar Becomes a Lion

  8. A Scar Becomes Peacock Feathers

  9. Do You See the Birthmark?

  10. A Birthmark Is Now a Cherry

  11. A Scar Becomes a Butterfly

  12. A Scar Becomes a Bench

  13. A Birthmark Becomes a Mustache

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  14. Scars Become Roses

  15. Truly Transformative

  16. A New Fingernail

  17. “Beam Me Up, Scotty”

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  18. A Scar Becomes a Fish

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  19. This Scar Has New Meaning