Grandpa Has Found A New Way To Scare Off All Of The Telemarketers

Inside Edition

There’s one major reason we love caller ID on our phones – we immediately know if we know the person who is calling us or not. If it’s not a name or number that is programmed into our phone, we sometimes let it go to voicemail. In the cases when we don’t and we answer a number we don’t recognize, we sometimes find ourselves talking to a telemarketer.

Telemarketers are only doing their job. We get that, but we also don’t enjoy the unwelcome calls that are trying to sell us something we most likely don’t need or want. A lot of people feel that way.

Different people have different ways of avoiding calling from telemarketers. As we already mentioned, one way is to avoid answering the phone when they call in the first place. Another common tactic is to quickly end the call shortly after answering the phone. This could be as simple as hanging up the phone or making up some excuse and then hanging up the phone.

One man named Donald Sizemore has come up with an even better way to end a call from a telemarketer. In his case, all he has to do is talk for a couple minutes, and the telemarketer will hang up on him! While this technique works really well for Sizemore, it is not likely to be easy for everyone to replicate.

What does Sizemore do to get a telemarketer to hang up the phone? He talks like Donald Duck, and his impression is spot on.

One day a telemarketer called Sizemore’s wife, Gayle Sizemore. She had the phone on speaker phone, and the telemarketer asked to talk to her husband. Sizemore knew right away that his wife was talking to a telemarketer, and he knew exactly what he was going to do. He talked to the telemarketer in his best Donald Duck voice. After just a couple minutes, the telemarketer hung up the call on her own.

Watch the video below to hear Sizemore’s Donald Duck impression for yourself.

Sizemore has been doing his Donald Duck impression since he was about 5 years old, and he did the impression for his wife on their very first date. It’s easy for him to turn the voice on and off.

While we can’t all talk like Donald Duck, perhaps there’s a lesson here when it comes to talking to telemarketers. If we can be more annoying than the telemarketer, perhaps the telemarketer will be the one to hang up the phone.