Don’t Get Scammed by These 3 Pricey Amazon Items!

It’s no secret that Amazon has completely changed the way that we shop for our favorite goods. We’re not going to lie—we use that nifty Prime feature to order practically anything and everything we can!

With that said, we recently took a closer look at our credit card bill and were shocked to discover that the company’s prices can be much higher than those of their competitors. You see, we often get hooked with the convenience factor, but just because the retail giant has mastered “hassle-free shopping” doesn’t necessarily mean it has the best deals!

Here are 3 examples of how you could be wasting your hard-earned cash on an overpriced Amazon order…

  1. Clothing

    How many times have you jumped for joy after coming across the PERFECT “discounted” outfit on Amazon, only to be met with a much higher price tag after you’ve selected your size and color?

    More often than not, sellers will first feature the lowest possible price in order to capture your attention, but they usually just offer that markdown on one color/size they are having trouble selling.

    In addition to this annoying bait-and-switch, third-party Amazon sellers are notorious for offloading counterfeits or cheaply-made clothing on the site, with some users even reporting receiving completely different items than what was pictured on the seller’s page. Not necessarily “convenient”, if you ask us!

  2. Pet Food

    Scouring the internet for deals on your pet’s cuisine? If so, we suggest that you steer clear of Amazon.

    Not only do other sites have them beat in terms of prices— has better deals and added incentives for their customers! —Amazon simply doesn’t carry the large range of pet foods that its competitors do. Good to know!

  3. Paper Goods

    Although it certainly can be tempting to add a few rolls of paper towels to your Amazon order, it won’t be doing your bank account much good! As it turns out, other retailers, like Target, are often known to have better deals on paper goods such as tissues, toilet paper, and even diapers.

    In addition to the price differences, buying large bulk items on Amazon can end up being pretty wasteful. Anyone who has purchased a 24-pack of paper towels online knows that this light, cheap, and hardly fragile item still comes delivered in a MASSIVE cardboard box—it’s something that, frankly, doesn’t feel quite right.

    While some economists have argued that online shopping may be better for the environment since fewer customers are driving, we think it makes more sense to buy bulk items on your next trip to your favorite box store. You won’t burn any more gas AND you’ll help save a tree. A real win-win!

Who knew there were so many ways to get ripped-off on Amazon? To learn about two other items that you should never purchase from the retailer, be sure to watch the video below. See, we just saved you some precious cash!

We’d love to hear your take on these “scammy” Amazon items. Have you ever felt ripped off by the retailer? If so, what was the product and its cost? How do you manage to find the lowest prices around?