Experts Share Tips On Saving Money As Gas Prices Soar

On the road a lot? It’s hard to ignore the rising gas prices. The national average is currently $3.53 per gallon, which the highest gas prices have been since 2014. The worst part: That number is only expected to continue to climb as the months go on. In fact, experts say that prices may even hit the $4 mark per gallon, it’s just a matter of when.

High gas prices can really make traveling in a car a burden. Even a short commute to work every day means you’re probably spending so much just to fuel your vehicle.

While we can’t do much to prevent the rising costs at the pump, we can do a few things to save some money on gas. On a recent Good Morning America segment, Gio Benitez shared his tricks to help cut back on costs for the next time you need to fill up your tank. We would’ve never thought of some of these tips on our own!

First, he recommends cleaning out anything you don’t need in your car. Apparently, reducing the weight of your vehicle helps make it more fuel-efficient, resulting in using less gas. Try taking out windshield fluid, extra tools, and whatever personal items might be weighing the car down, and seeing how much you can save.

Another tip: Switch to cruise control, especially when driving on the highway, and especially if there’s traffic. Benitez says that the constant stopping and going on the highway can use more gas and cost you more in the end. In fact, using cruise control can save upwards of 20% on gas on highways alone!

Also, did you know that some pumps change prices throughout the week? It turns out Monday might be a better day to get gas, than say, Thursday, which may be more expensive. Pay attention to prices throughout the week each time you pass a pump—you might be surprised!

Additionally, you may be able to save some cash by being a member of bigger box stores like Costco or BJ’s, both of which offer gas at a discounted price for members. Experts promise that the money you save in gas may even offset membership prices (plus you get all those perks of being a member, too!).

Want even more tips to save next time you need to fill your tank? Check out the video below and try some of these tips this week.

Are you struggling with high gas prices? What kinds of ways do you try to save at the pump?