Save on Kids Birthday Parties with a Little Creativity!

I am in this mommy set, where everyone goes overboard on birthday parties for their young children. Renting inflatable castles, renting out museums, hiring dj’s, catering, inviting far more people than necessary. I have been trying to avoid spending loads of money on birthday parties. With three children, it really adds up!

So I am taking a page out of my mother’s book and reverting back to having birthday parties for kids. I limit the invite list to 10 kids and ask a couple of close friends to help out.

I offer a kid friendly menu as I know my 5 year old is happier with hot dogs and popsicles than a gourmet dish and a tiered cake! And for entertainment, I plan out 3-4 games, like relay races, scavenger hunts and pin the tale on the donkey. A little creativity goes a long way and I don’t have to worry about wasting money on a pony rental.

Honestly, these parties have become more about the parents and less about the birthday honoree…..