Save on Expensive Liquid Cleansers!

In recent years some of the cosmetics companies have started selling their liquid cleansers in dispensers that produce a foamy form of the product. One day it dawned on me that by re-using these dispensers I could get a much bigger “bang” for my buck when it comes to facial and body washes…..or any type of liquid soap, for that matter.
You see, not too long before this realization I had bought a similar type of dispenser for use in the kitchen to save on dish-soap. The instructions that came with it suggested using one part dish-soap to ten parts water, and it works like a charm.
This really got me to thinking, so I bought my favorite liquid facial cleanser and applied the same recipe in a clean, used “foaming” type of dispenser. I have since replaced almost every regular pump-style dispenser for various soaps around my home, and have not had a single complaint. In fact, everybody really seems to like it a lot.
Give it a try yourself. Now I don’t worry about splurging a little extra on our “creature comforts”, since they last for such a long time. This kinda makes you wonder about how much more $$ the various cosmetics companies are raking in since they can sell their product in such a diluted form?