Save Money by Buying Generic Drugs

I work at a pharmacy and I can’t tell you how many folks buy generic drugs. The fact is, 99% of our sales are in generic drugs-and no, I dont work for any of the big chains. Generic drugs by law have to have the exact same ingredients in the exact same amounts that name brand drugs have in them. The only thing that can be different is the filler and the color. People who say they are allergic to generics are most likely allergic to the color or filler. The difference in price can be 80% and up!, never buy name brand if it comes generic.

Also, when buying antibiotics such as amoxillin that your dentist writes for usually a dose of 4 capsules, one hour before your appointment? The dentist will often only write for a total of four capsules, and four or five refills-since the days supply is 1 for the original rx. Ask your pharmacist if you can get all of the rx, refills and all, at the same time. Since your insurance would see all refills as a one month supply (1 day times four or five would be five day supply) it’s perfectly legal and you would save 4 to 5 co-pays. Even if you are paying cash you would save lots of cash!!!!