Satellite Video of Hurricane Laura Shows Series of Lightening Strikes As Storm Intensifies


There is a certain beauty to storms that at the same time can be terrifying. It’s interesting to watch the wind and the rain. It can be mesmerizing watching some place that was once so calm suddenly become so wild with strong weather.

The most recent major storm to hit the United States, Hurricane Laura, hit Louisiana early in the morning on August 27, 2020. This strong and powerful storm brought winds, rain and flooding to Texas and Louisiana. The power went out in certain areas, and many residents evacuated before the storm hit.

While a hurricane may be terrifying to experience while it’s happening, and while the destruction and rebuilding efforts might make some people sad, it can be beautiful to look at from above, such as from a satellite image.

One satellite video from NOAA’s GOESEast satellite captured Hurricane Laura as it made it’s way to the coat. Along with swirling wind and rain clouds, the video shows numerous flashes of light within the storm. Those flashes of light are bolts of lightening. Watch this amazing video below.

As several people have mentioned in the video’s comments, the satellite is both beautiful and terrifying. One person wrote, “It looks pretty cool but scary at the same time.” Another comment reads, “Hurricanes are so deadly but still so beautiful. 🙂”

This video was taken yesterday, August 26th, 2020, one day before the storm hit. While the image is beautiful, many people in the comments expressed their concern for the damage the storm may cause and their wishes that everyone stays safe.

Do you think the lightening strikes in this video are scary or beautiful? Do you know anyone who lives in the path of Hurricane Laura? Have you ever experienced a hurricane first hand?