13 People Explain How To Tell Kids Why Santa Is Allowed To Go Into Millions Of Homes During COVID-19 Time

COVID-19 has made life difficult in so many ways. Schools closed. As many people as possible started worked from home. Social distancing is the new norm. While we may wonder what the long term effects of these (hopefully temporary) changes are on all of our lives, more than anything, we find ourselves asking how these changes will affect our children.

Sometimes we might find ourselves concerned about our children’s education or how much screen time they are getting now that literally all of their activities are online. Sometimes we might find ourselves wondering how this will affect them socially as they get older. 

The examples above are more long-term worries, but have you ever found yourself wondering how COVID-19 will affect the not-too-distant future? We’re talking about the holiday season. 

Yes, it may only be August, but the holidays will be here before we know it, and Reddit user MrSpooniversal has a very valid concern.

“It’s more than likely that Covid-19 will still be around at Christmas time – how are we going to explain to kids that Santa is still allowed to go into millions of houses?”

Stress about the holidays just increased a thousand fold for me upon reading that question, but no worries, the community of Reddit is here with some fabulous answers, some funny and some helpful. Read on for our favorites.

  1. Ads Will Help

    From Reddit user swashbucklingfox:

    We will see ads with Santa wearing a facemask.

  2. Magic

    baeworth has a solution and a money-saving idea:

    Santa is magic. That being said the poor elves took a huge hit from the pandemic so there are less toys to go around this year. Strictly one per child or 2 between 3

  3. The Elves

    AtL_eAsTwOoD wrote:

    He’ll send the elves as they are expendable.

  4. Go To Bed

    AstroLozza thinks bedtime will be easier:

    I think it would be a great excuse to get them to go to bed. Tell them he won’t come unless he knows everyone is shut away in their rooms so he won’t accidentally come within 2m of someone.

  5. Contactless Delivery

    geekworking has a very good point:

    He invented “contactless delivery”

  6. Didn’t Survive?

    Perhaps Tee-dus_Not_Tie-dus went too far:

    I’m sorry, but Santa didn’t survive the pandemic little one.

  7. Self-Isolating

    Zedfourkay’s solution still means no presents:

    Santa contracted the virus and is self-isolating in the North Pole.

  8. Present Launcher

    Poorly-Drawn-Beagle’s solution could work:

    Most likely he’s simply using his orbital present launcher to shoot everyone’s gifts across the gulf of space into the appropriate spots in their homes.

  9. The Truth

    We’re thinking no to janejean123’s suggestion:

    Is the truth an option here?

  10. Time Lord

    SilverFirePrime wrote:

    Santa’s a Time Lord and he can’t get the diseases we do. The Time Lord argument also goes a long way to explaining to kids how he can do all the deliveries in one night and get into houses w/o chimineys.

  11. A Slight Twist on Tradition

    robert_is_cool has a good suggestion:

    Instead of leaving cookies and milk, you leave disinfectant wipes for him to wipe everything down when he’s done

  12. No Explanation Needed

    TheNameIsPippen has a good point:

    Kids are not going to ask any questions that might interfere with them getting presents.Kids are smart and keep their mouths shut.

  13. Almost Every Answer You Could Want

    Tygrr69 has really put some thought into this:

    So many easy answers:

    1) Santa practices social distancing. I mean, except for kissing the occasional mommy, he usually works alone.

    2) Santa is magic; diseases don’t affect him.

    3) Santa caught it in April and is all better now. There are excellent doctors in the North Pole.

    4) Santa got the vaccination so he wouldn’t make anyone sick when he visits.

    5) Rudolph’s nose emits ultraviolet light, so Santa gets sanitized each time he gets back in the sleigh.

    Crazy answers for “fun” parents:

    6) Santa is already dead. He’s been a friendly zombie for centuries.

    7) Santa signed a contract with Amazon to deliver all his presents this year.

    8) Santa is a saint, so he can perform miracles. Miracle makers can’t stay sick.

    9) Santa is a robot and robots don’t catch diseases.

    Answer for mean, realistic, or boring parents:

    10) Santa’s not real, so he doesn’t get sick.