Sam Asghari Opens Up About Married Life With Britney Spears

Want to know what it feels like to be married to Britney Spears? We do! Who doesn’t?

Well, her new husband Sam Asghari knows a thing or two about it. The two have been together since 2016, got engaged in September 2021, and tied the knot in a small ceremony at her home on June 9, 2022. Even just a few days into marriage, Sam has a lot of good things to say.

“She’s amazing, she’s doing great,” he told Good Morning America, joking about the fact that “the husband thing hasn’t hit me yet.”

Cue the awwws!

“It was way overdue for us,” Asghari said of the marriage. “We imagined this thing being a fairy tale, and it was. And we wanted to celebrate with, you know, our loved ones, our close people. We wanted to just celebrate, and that’s what we did.”

The two are very much looking forward to all the future has to offer for them. They’ve already dealth with some pretty heavy things, including the fact that Britney experienced a miscarriage last month and the fact that her ex-husband tried to crash their wedding. However, it’s just a testament to their marriage of how well they deal with these things together.

Additionally, Asghari talked about how Britney being so famous has benefited him as well. “My wife gave me, like, this amazing platform to work with,” he explained. “So I’m always appreciative of that. And I’m always so grateful for that. I don’t take any opportunity that I have for granted, and I really try to stay positive with everything that’s happening.”

“Just being in a relationship with someone that has achieved so much, so many great things and at such a young age kinda gives me the understanding and teaches me so much for the little things I’m gonna achieve or the big things,” he added.

Asghari also discussed how, in the end, while career is very important to him, it’s always his family first—and that includes his new wife and his future children he hopes to have with her.

“At the end of my life, I wanna be able to have a great career. But more importantly, I want people to look up to me—my loved ones, my children, my wife,” he said.

Hear more from Asghari about married life in the video below!

How sweet is this couple? What did you think of their wedding?