Sad ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star News

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Richard Lewis posted a video on Twitter explaining some health issues he’s experiencing. His video was a way of explaining to his fans why he hasn’t been on tour recently and why he hasn’t done stand-up recently.

Lewis started the video by saying that he just finished filming season 12 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” He described the experience as “amazing.” He explained that while he is “grateful” that he gets to be part of the show, his life has been anything but easy for the past few years.

Lewis explained that he decided to stop touring about three and a half years ago. He felt fine. He didn’t stop for any medical reason. He simply felt that it was time to stop. Unfortunately, shortly after he stopped touring, he started experiencing one health issue after another. He explained, “I had four surgeries back to back to back.” The surgeries included back surgery, shoulder surgery, shoulder replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery.

That wasn’t the end of Lewis’s bad luck. About two years ago, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He’s not letting his diagnosis get him down. Instead, he has an optimistic attitude saying, “Luckily I got it late in life.” He added, “I’m on the right meds, so I’m cool.”

At the end of the video, Lewis summarized where he’s at in his career. For anyone wondering, he is “done with stand-up,” but he is not done working. Instead, he’s “focusing on writing and acting.” You can watch his full video announcement below.

Lewis is 75 years old and has been married to Joyce Lapinsky since 2005. He has been a part of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” since the show started back in 2000.

According to The Mayo Clinic, Parkinson’s disease “symptoms start slowly.” There is no cure, but medication can improve symptoms. Occasionally, doctors recommend surgery to improve symptoms.