15 People Discuss the Things That Aren’t Serious But Can Still Ruin Your Whole Day

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Have you ever had something very minor happen and it just messed up your entire day? This happens to us from time to time, and we’re not the only ones.

There are times when something seemingly inconsequential happens, and the whole day ends up feeling like a bad day because of it. Sometimes these are silly little things, but when they happen, they don’t feel little. It’s only in retrospect that we realize that it shouldn’t have been that big of a deal.

We’re not the only ones who feel thrown off by things that shouldn’t be a big deal. Reddit user Famished-Fetus asked, “What is not that serious, but can still ruin your day?”

Scroll down to read about some very relatable things that aren’t really a big deal yet can turn an otherwise good day into a bad day.

  1. The Dryer

    Reddit user Ya–Like–Jazz wrote:

    My dryer not drying my clothes all the way before work in the winter.

  2. To-Go Cups

    AmigoDelDiabla wrote:

    Thinking the to-go lid on your coffee is properly secured when it is not.

  3. It Really Hurts

    ThatKiwiBro shared:

    When you hit any part of your body on an inanimate object. God, I just get so mad at the object/myself.

  4. What Was That Again?

    fluffy_assassins explained:

    Forgetting what you remember and then remembering what you forgot.

  5. Can We Go Back to Sleep?

    gluteactivation wrote:

    Not finishing a good dream

  6. Bad Clothing Decision

    guac_out added:

    When you’ve already left the house for the day and realise you are wearing undies that give you a wedgie

  7. It Feels Like Something’s Missing

    midori_kobayashi shared:

    Forgetting your mobile phone back home. (Losing it would be serious)

  8. Ouch!

    Bokonon_77 wrote:

    Accidentally biting the inside of your cheek HARD when chewing your food.

  9. Not Feeling Cute Today

    anniecelene explained:

    Not having enough time to get ready and having to go out in something you’re slightly uncomfortable in.

  10. Should’ve Stopped the Night Before

    k-tglo added:

    Having to get gas before work

  11. Throws the Whole Day Off

    GreyJedi56 shared:

    Missing your alarm

  12. Share Our Excitement

    beeper2040 wrote:

    Being excited and extremely happy about something and then telling somebody, only to be met with either a disappointing reaction or even being told that what you’re excited about is “childish/silly/not interesting”. Happened way too often to me so I don’t share many things with others anymore.

  13. Not Ideal

    Written by arcant12:

    When someone takes my parking spot at work.

  14. Just Wait

    gluteactivation added:

    When you’re trying to show someone something and at that very moment, whatever you’re trying to show them is fine/isn’t working and you look dumb

  15. Don’t Get Too Close

    ovoxoj explained:

    Forgetting to put on deodorant