Fans Are Curious About the Rug Situation in Gwyneth Paltrow’s House After Recent Instagram Photo

gwynethpaltrow via Instagram

Have you ever posted a photo on social media only to have all of your friends and followers comment about something that was not intended to be the focus of the picture? We’ve probably all been there. 

For example, maybe you took a picture of your kids but there were displaced items like toys or other clutter that comes with kids in the background. Maybe you took a picture that was supposed to focus on your cute outfit, but there was something on the floor or on the counter that completely distracted everyone from what you were wearing. If you have been there, rest assured that you are not alone. Even celebrities have been there.

Gwyneth Paltrow knows how you feel. She recently posted a picture on Instagram where the focus was supposed to be the mid-length skirt she was wearing. Instead of looking at her skirt, her followers focused on everything behind her.

Paltrow has two homes, one in Los Angeles and one in The Hamptons. While we do not know which home she was in when she took this picture, we do know that her minimalist style shows through. 

She appears to be standing in the dining room since a dining table and a couple chairs are visible on the left side of the photo. On the other side of Paltrow, we can see into the living room which looks very streamlined and orderly.


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Home in a skirt for no real reason other than it’s new #glabel @goop

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The dining room isn’t what followers were focused on. They weren’t focused on the living room either. Instead, they were looking at the floor. The rug on the floor looks very similar to towels, and it seems rather bunched up. You would think Paltrow would’ve smoothed out the rug before posting the picture.

One of Paltrow’s followers asked, “But why are there towels everywhere?”

Another follower commented, “Is it multiple rugs? Or one rug made to look like layered rugs?”

We don’t know what’s going on with Paltrow’s rug, but we do have to admit that it looks a little unusual.

However, we can tell you what’s going on with Paltrow’s skirt. It is from her own brand G. Label, which is sold on her own website, goop. So, if you can manage to pull your eyes away from the floor, perhaps you can check out her skirt, as she intended.

What do you think of the rug on Paltrow’s floor? Does it look unusual to you?