The Royals Use Ordinary Makeup Products to Achieve Extraordinary Results. Here’s How They Do It.

When it comes to flaunting classic style, it’s safe to say that the female members of England’s Royal Family have the technique down pat. For centuries, these queens, princesses, duchesses, and princess consorts (we’re looking at you, Camilla) have provided subjects and fans the world over with some of the most epic style inspiration ever.

And, while we absolutely can’t get enough of the gowns, tiaras, and precious jewels galore, we have to admit that we’ve been most struck by the fresh-faced makeup that today’s royals have been sporting recently. As a matter of fact, we’ve been so impressed that we’ve even scoured the Internet to find the family’s best beauty tips–with many of them coming straight from the perfectly-lined lips of the gorgeous royals themselves. What a treat!

Here are 9 ways the royals use ordinary makeup products to achieve EXTRAORDINARY results…

  1. They layer on the shadows to create multi-dimensional looks

    How do Kate Middleton’s baby blues always look so bright? Well, some well-placed eye shadow, of course. Just after her 2011 wedding to Prince William, the Duchess’ makeup assistant revealed that she opted to use not one, not two, but THREE eyeshadows to create her iconic look. The royal makeup lover used a trio of Bobbi Brown shadows — Ivory all over, Rockstar on the lower lid, and Slate in her crease.

  2. They keep their manicures consistent and simple

    If you know anything about the Queen, then you’re well aware that she’s a woman with discernable taste; so discernable, in fact, it has a tendency to control all of those around her! Take her manicures, for example. Apparently, Her Royal Highness has been wearing the same Essie shade — Ballet Slipper — for the past several decades. Sources say that she likes the shade so much that she makes ALL female members of the Royal Family wear it, too!

  3. They use their foundations sparingly

    We love a full-glam makeup look as much as the next person, but we’re kind of happy that the Royals don’t go overboard when it comes to this trend. As a matter of fact, the newest royal, Duchess Meghan, is known to go exceptionally light on her foundation application by sticking to light, water-based formulas instead of the sticky, full-coverage options.

  4. They rely on all-natural formulas

    Sources close to Duchess Kate say that the royal uses rosehip oil in her regular skin routine. Apparently, the all-natural product works to balance dry skin, reduce fine lines, and even set makeup in humid weather. We’ll have to try it!

  5. They don’t let their busy schedules get in the way of their makeup routines

    In a 2016 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Princess Eugenie revealed that her royal duties take up so much time that she is sometimes forced to do her makeup in the car. Hey–looks like we have at least SOMETHING in common with royals! She says that the most friendly “on-the-move” products are Charlotte Tilbury’s mascara and Bobbi Brown’s bronzer. Good to know!

  6. And they don’t let lack of sleep affect their appearances either

    Back in her Suits days, Duchess Meghan told Birchbox that she sometimes had to work until 3 am during particularly late shoots. In order to stay “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” as she puts it, the then-actress would add a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of her eyes. While we can’t say whether or not she took this tip to Kensington Palace, her sparkly eyes pretty much confirm that she still uses it!

  7. They find ways to make their eyes pop for the cameras

    How did the late Princess Diana get her signature, mesmerizing eyes? According to her old makeup artist, she would coat ALL of her lashes–from roots to ends– in plenty of black mascara. Makes sense!

  8. They’re not afraid to take risks

    Duchess Kate definitely isn’t known to take many avant-garde style risks in terms of dress, but she IS often seen sporting a sexy smokey eye look. Sources say that her trick to making the smokey eye appear “palace-appropriate” is to stop the smokey effect once the shadow gets to the tops of her eyelids.

  9. They don’t skimp on the skincare

    Queen Elizabeth is a whopping 92-years-old–but she certainly doesn’t look it! This is because the Queen regularly applies her Elizabeth Arden, 8-hour moisturizer. Fun fact: the beauty brand holds a Royal Warrant as Manufacturers of Cosmetics for Her Majesty the Queen. What an honor!

We can’t wait to hear your take on these royal makeup tips! Are you a fan of the current makeup trends in the Royal Family? Have you tried any of their tips before? Do you think more royals should try going “full glam?”

Source: Good Housekeeping