Royal Kids Stole the Show At Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee

If you’re a parent, you probably know that it can be difficult taking young children places where they have to sit still for any length of time. Kids can easily get impatient, and things that adults find entertaining can sometimes be very boring for the younger generation.

As parents, we often bring a few snacks or toys with us wherever we go to try to distract our children when they need to sit still. This could be during a long car ride, at a restaurant or waiting for pretty much anything.

We have yet to bring our young children to any formal occasions where they would need to be calm, quiet and simply watch what’s going on patiently, but we’re sure that time will come. For example, picture children watching a wedding ceremony or attending a graduation. These events, although important and life changing, can be boring to young children.

When you’re royalty, there are different expectations, but children are still children. Even though royal kids might be expected to be well behaved at big important events, they are still kids. They still get bored.

Recently, the world had their eyes on Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee which celebrated her historic 70 years on the throne. During the celebration, the cameras caught the royal kids acting, well, like kids would act when they’re probably ready to go home. While the focus should have been on the Queen, young Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis talking to and interacting with their parents was so much more relatable and entertaining.

Watch the video below for a glimpse of the royal kids at the Platinum Jubilee.

If you have kids, do they get antsy when they have to sit still for a long time? What do you do to try to make it easier for your kids to sit still when necessary?