Rotating Horse Optical Illusion Has the Internet Completely Baffled

@trippyhub via TikTok

Some optical illusions are more baffling than others. Some optical illusions are purely fun. Others are so mind-bending that they leave people arguing about who is right and who is wrong. Remember the dress? What about the shoe? What about the spinning ballet dancer?

Do you remember the spinning ballet dancer? Some people see the ballerina spinning to the right. Some people see the ballerina spinning to the left. Some people can even see the ballerina spin either direction depending on how they look at the picture.

Now there is another optical illusion featuring a picture that appears to spin, but the question is, which way is it spinning?

TikTok user Trippy Hub posted a video that consists of a picture of a white horse on a black background. The question is, “Which way is it spinning?” The answer is different depending on who is looking at the picture.

Some TikTok users claim the horse is spinning to the right. Others are sure the horse is spinning to the left. Yet others are positive the horse isn’t spinning at all but is in fact moving back and forth. Then there are those who say they can control which direction the horse is spinning.

Watch the video below to see which direction you think the horse is spinning.

@trippyhub which way is it spinning? #opticalillusion #illusion #fyp #mindblowing ♬ original sound – luvandrew

Unlike other illusions like the dress, shoe and ballerina, this illusion seems to have more than 2 options for what is “real,” and people have very strong opinions about what they are or are not seeing.

One person commented that the horse is “going left and right in a snake like pattern.” That’s what we saw at first too, but not everyone agrees.

Another person commented, “It’s literally going to the right. It’s coming from the left.”

Yet another person insists, “I see it spinning left and right always facing front.”

While some people see the horse moving both directions, others do not. One comment reads, “How ya’ll saying its moving both ways? I stare at it and it’s spinning to the right.”

Which way do you see the horse spinning? Do you see it moving back and forth instead of spinning? Can you change which direction it spins?