Roommate Who Refuses to Pay Rent Ends Up Getting What’s Coming to Her In Court

u/Drumhedd via Reddit

There are good roommates and there are bad roommates…and then, there are really, really bad roommates. One woman recently shared a story on Reddit about her really, really bad roommate, and it’s probably going to make you cringe. A lot. But, just to preface the story, it ends in the woman’s favor, and the roommate ends up getting what’s coming to her in court.

Now that we gave away the ending, we can start from the beginning! This woman was just your normal apartment hunter, looking for someone to share her rent. She eventually found who she refers to as “Bad Roommate” in her story.

The two moved in together and life was fine…until the rent was due. Bad Roommate told this woman that she was strapped for cash but would pay the rent within two weeks.

Well, of course, two weeks came and went, and the woman never received rent from her. When she reminded her about the rent money, “she yelled obscenities and accused me of being abusive and harassing her,” the woman explained.

Well, that took a turn!

As if not paying her share of the rent wasn’t bad enough, Bad Roommate would also steal this woman’s food and even break some of her belongings. And when the next month rolled around and she was asked for rent, things escalated even further. Bad Roommate called the police, accusing the woman of making threats.

At this point, personally, I would’ve thrown this Bad Roommate to the wolves, but this woman kept giving her more chances. But the final straw came when she came home to Bad Roommate threatening her cats. “I almost lost it,” the woman said.

She didn’t want to go through calling the police again when that didn’t end up in her favor last time, so instead, she took it into her hands to seek revenge.

She spoke with her best friend’s father, who’s an attorney, and he gave her an idea. After eating rent for all those months, she essentially decided to ditch the roommate and leave the apartment to her so she was forced to pay up.

Of course, this woman was then served as a summons for breach of contract for abandoning the lease, but all’s well that ends well, right? The attorney wound up dismissing the lawsuit against the woman, but not against Bad Roommate.

“Long story but in the end, it was worth it to get back at an otherwise horrible person,” she ended the post.

The moral of the story is: When your roommate fails to pay rent, take them to court! Or, you know, just try and find a normal human to live with.

You can read the whole story here.

How crazy is this story? Have you ever had a bad roommate like this one?