This Robot Planter (That Throws Tantrums If You Don’t Water It) Could Save You From Killing Your Plants


There are many different ways to decorate your home, but most homes have similar items inside – beds, chairs, tables, etc. You might even have throw pillows, a coffee maker, etc. These items are easy enough to take care of. Simple cleaning methods apply.

There is one items that’s found in some homes that requires a little more commitment. We’re talking about house plants

We aspire to have green thumbs. Really, we do. It’s not that we don’t know how to take care of house plants; it’s that sometimes we’re forgetful or paying attention to more important things, like our kids.

House plants can be good for the air in your home, and good for your soul. There really is something relaxing about looking at nature, and a green plant or a beautifully flowering plant inside your home can definitely be a mood booster.

You know what doesn’t make us smile? Dead house plants. Yup. That’s right. We’ve forgotten to water more than one house plant, and that work out well.

Besides water, house plants also need the right amount of light. We’ve been guilty of setting a plant where we think it looks best instead of paying attention to how much light it actually gets in the spot we chose. Again, that doesn’t work out too well either. Plants don’t care if you want them to dress up an empty corner. If they’re not getting the light they need, they will not thrive.

Instead of giving up on our dream of having thriving house plants, we’ve found a solution. No, it’s not a way to improve our memory. It’s a robot.

Yes, there is now a robotic pot for house plants. Instead of a classic terra cotta pot that just sits there and lets us forget to water the plant inside, this robot pot throws a fit (just like our kids) when we forget to water it (just like our kids when they’re hangry). 

Not only that, but this robotic pot can move. Here’s how that’s helpful. If you’re like us and set the pot where you thinks it looks good instead of where it actually gets enough sunlight, the pot will walk over to the sunlight. How cool is that?

We know, genius. The pot is called the HEXA Planter. This might even make our robot-obsessed kiddos want to take up gardening. 

Do you think this robot planter would help you keep your house plants alive?